Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Even the smallest choices have an option for humanity

I just refused the census man. A nice enough looking guy who told me "I'm just trying to make some money". And here's the rub for me, as expressed somewhere in the ether at one time, it's not only about paying taxes but must we be subject to interloping physically in our lives. Pay your taxes, the tax man shouts but it would almost be enough if that was all we were required, instead the giant receptacle's representatives are sent out house to house to intrude in every day lives, to poke there heads where they haven't been invited and since when? What would I normally do to an uninvited house guest and yet this one has already demanded of me payment.

I said no. I don't believe in this. And I said that somewhere, some way you have to stand up - but did I really stand up and if so what to? It seems like such a minuscule thing but perhaps it's not. The simple truth, if this is what you believe, is that the census is used to allocate federal money to geographical and demographical areas. That the data generated by the census helps to identify places that "need" money. Whether that is true or whether there are more insidious reasons doesn't change the deeper truth that there is no such thing, in reality, as federal money. And this, I think, is a key point to understanding what is really going on in our society.

Most people don't think about whether federal money is real or, for that matter, whether paper money is real. I mean you can hold a dollar bill, you can certainly change it in for a small bag of chips, that's real enough. But the truth of it is, of course, it is only a representation of a promise. The dollar bill as we know it is a convenience - it's conception based in the roots of ease; isn't it better to bring 100 dollar bills in your pocket than it is 25 chickens in a trailer when you want to purchase something. The long and short of it is the dollar bill represents a promise to pay. It can't represent more because it's just a piece of paper with ink on it, you can't eat it, you can't build something with it directly, you exchange it with others because everyone believes that it is what it is. We have stopped ourselves from looking at what the dollar bill really is, reality style, which is a piece of paper.

Well anyway - there are only three ways to get this piece of paper that we all want so badly. You can perform work or service for someone in exchange for them or you can borrow them with the promise to pay them back or steal them. Actually there is one other way but it is limited to only a very few...those that control the printing press that the dollars are created on can print more of them. The federal government isn't a business and cannot, for it's services to the people directly, expect to be paid, directly is the key word here. The only way the federal government can allocate money to anyone is by first either collecting it by threat of force, if you don't pay you will go to jail or by printing more of it or by borrowing from someone else. And herein lies my issue.

I do not wish to receive any money for anything that I don't deem personally necessary to me. I wouldn't opt to take something from someone simply because they wish to give it to me or think it is what I need. There is no better judge of what I need than me, for better or worse. And since the feds actually produce no money by virtue of trade (we have a trade deficit) the only way they would "give" to me money would be to print more of it or re-distrubute what they have stolen. There is no earned money to give and by continuing to play the charade that simply because there are things that we, people, deem necessary, things that we think we need or in many cases things that we may actually need, simply because we imagine these needs (whether they are true or not) does not change the fact that there is no real money to be given.

The census represents the most obvious opportunity to simply say that you won't participate in the charade any more. Because the government tells you they have money for your community shouldn't be enough to avoid the responsibility of knowing how, why and where that money comes from and what it means.

I am past the point of getting angry (at least for now) about peoples acceptance of this myth because I understand it does me, and all others, no good, to get angry. Everywhere we have our choices and our lives are a product of those choices, of our gleaming oneness and individuality - whether we believe it or not. I don't have to wonder what product will come as the result of my choice today, I already know...the product is a rightness of self, a sense of calm and deep down understanding that even in the smallest choice there is the option for humanity.


damon said...

Mojo says "I'll remember this when you complain about the lack of schooling in your area"

Welcome back Mojo!

Schooling is primarily funded by the property tax right? Which, although still a disagreeable (in my opinion) way to do it, is also a much more local solution.

And my point is the same, whether the perceived need is schooling or healthcare or roads or safety or whatever is...whether we need it or not doesn't change the fact that there is no "money" to be "given".

The solution to poor schooling or whatever you want to call it is not to print, borrow or re-allocate money taken from people by threat of force, is it?

What happens when we've printed so much money that the promise of value is no longer accepted? What happens when we can't borrow any more? What happens if we keep taking more and more from the people who are producing?

Is the best we can hope a large, far away entity telling us how to educate our children while demanding that we pay it? Is that the best we can hope for, or even a good thing to hope for?

Anonymous said...

People LOVE to talk the school funding because it is so popular and accepting. I say that while we all should contribute something to school, it is the parents who have children in the school who should pay the largest share through tuition, yes tuition even in public schools. Those of us without kids or with grown kids should get a break.