Monday, May 10, 2010

Back to it...

Well sure it's been a while cause I've been walking the miracle mile

Today is a wondrous day - full of sunshine and wind and the smells of natural life bursting...

I am going to dip my toe back into the sphere of the blog-o with a prediction, so as to be fashionable and maybe even get myself some kind of recognition - I knew it first, I knew it first, I grab the knowledge and hold it for my own, it's my idea, my idea, mine, mine, mine, mine and I claim it like planting a flag on the moon or mars or at the bottom of the sea or like walking off my land MINE MINE MINE...

ooops got carried away -

well here's the prediction:

There will be a major attack on US soil before the end of the summer.

That's it.

If it comes true I will elaborate on why I thought so
If it doesn't I will elaborate on why I thought so and why I think it was wrong.

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