Monday, February 1, 2010



I've been thinking about the quote from "Taking Woodstock". And it's true. Perspective it what keeps the love out and it's what keeps the universe out...but it's also the only thing that allows the universe in, that allows love in. Perspective is our human tool to experience life, without it we would be an animal or maybe an inanimate object with nothing to let us know we are alive and certainly nothing that allows us the choice for whether we see "alive" as beauty. Perspective is all we is our gift, or at least part of it. The only question is how we choose to use our perspective...will it be an open door leading to a sacred and secret path or will it be a box with four walls, a ceiling and a floor.


Anonymous said...

For me....... an open door it is how I have been able to survive in my world in the real world.

damon said...

What is the difference between life in your world and life in the real world? And how does perspective relate?

LunaShamana said...

I believe it is necessary in the human experience to have periods in which we are trapped in the four walls in order to seek the sacred path. It would be lovely to always be on one's path, but sometime the most important lessons come from being within the 'wrong' perspective. Love You - Xan