Monday, February 22, 2010

As a small business owner for the majority of my professional life I simply do not believe that this is what Peter Welch is hearing from small business owners across the state.

Dear Damon,

During the past few weeks I’ve been holding roundtables throughout our state, asking small business owners what they need to create quality jobs here in Vermont.

From St. Albans to White River Junction and from Rutland to Berlin, I’ve heard three key messages: Congress must increase lending to small businesses, invest in our green energy economy, and take steps to get Washington's fiscal house in order.

I’m working hard to bring this message to Washington as I advocate for “pay-as-you-go” federal budgeting rules, an energy efficiency retrofit program and a bill that would tax certain Wall Street bonuses to fund small business lending. I hope you’ll read more below about these and other initiatives.


Congressman Peter Welch

I could be wrong, maybe other small business owners do have these things on their minds instead of things like: How am I going to make payroll, what's the latest trend, how successful is my marketing, how can I better serve my customers? I can't imagine the first thing out of my mouth if I was asked what was important to me would be "the green economy", "getting Washington's fiscal house in order" or "congress increasing lending". Who are these small business owners? For me, I say leave me and my business alone and I will be fine, I will find a way, that's why I got into this in the first place, because I had a vision and I knew I could find a way. But maybe that's just me...

I don't believe Welch because I don't think it's just me, I think that many small business owners are like me, they like to find a way, they got into business because of vision, because they didn't want to be taken care of, because they know how to take care of themselves or at least they want to try. Small business people understand what fiscal reality truly means, they live it every day, they cannot simply print more money or demand it from their customers when they run out.

I think Welch has his own agenda, a personal agenda that involves telling people what he thinks they want to hear. I think his agenda involves strategizing to be re-elected. I think the most important thing to him is being re-elected.

I think this is unfortunate for Vermont but I also believe that we get exactly what we want as a State and as a people. And we must have really wanted what Welch is selling, I wonder how much we still do?

As for me, no sir, I didn't want it then and I don't want it now...I don't believe the congressman and I think those "messages" he says he's hearing are his own. And that's bad to me, bad for business.

So as a small businessman here's my message: Leave me and my business alone! If you do I will create wealth, I will create jobs, I will innovate, I will find a way, I will survive, I will thrive, I will build community, I will take care of my customers, I will inspire. That's my message. That's how this small business man feels...maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm alone...maybe what small business people really want is more government involved in their business, more dependency on state and federal funds (which are really their funds, our funds, to begin with), more "green economy" (as if the small business sector has any doubt about what it means to drive a green economy). Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so and I think we just need someone to step up to Welch in a way that calls him out on this. How is the questions, how, how, how, how, how...

I don't believe you Mr. Welch...


Anonymous said...

"Congress must increase lending to small businesses, invest in our green energy economy, and take steps to get Washington's fiscal house in order".

Sounds like a politician to me, oh wait he is a politician. Go D -bird. Why do they keep voting for him. Does he do anything for Vermont?

Anonymous said...

Well said. Agree.


Anonymous said...

Do you blog anymore?