Friday, November 6, 2009

Universal SELF Care for all

I was thinking last night that the confusion around the "health care" debate could be solved if we just changed one word.

Change "Health" to "Self"

So it's not the "health" care debate, it's the "self" care debate. Everything then begins to make sense. Right?

"Self" care IS a human right.
Universal "self" care would be a lot easier to implement than Universal "health" care.
"Self" care would certainly be less expensive and less intrusive than "health" care.
Imagine how easy it would be to get everyone involved, if people didn't want to participate they wouldn't have to because, after all, it's "self" care.

It's funny to look at both "self" and "health" and wonder how many would think that this was a joke (but it's really not - it may be funny but it ain't a joke) because of everything we NEED, and all that we must HAVE and we must take care of everyone and everyone must do this thing or that thing or the other thing and we must, we must, we must, we must.

Well in my new Universal Self Care system the concept is simple: Take care of yourself and you might live longer and more happily and you will definitely live more affordably. And you might even be able to help someone else with their own Self Care...

So you decide -
It's it Universal Health Care for all
Universal Self Care for all

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