Monday, November 2, 2009

The only question left in the world?!

I had a great breakfast meeting this morning and made a new friend. We discussed our current state of affairs and mutual frustration that the "powers that be" have different values than both of us. We also shared frustration that although many people seem to care about what is going on in the world there is a real chasm between the caring and the result. The direction we are headed in, as a State, a Country and a World continues on the same trajectory no matter how many or much people care.

We wondered why this is.

If you search "freedom movement" online you will come up with more than 10 million returns. With so much concern about freedom you would think there would be more of it in the world. Here lies the dilemma (or the strategy depending on your perspective). Why if so many people care so much about freedom does there seem to be such a lack of it? We pondered about a common link that would cut through our surface differences, cut through our party lines, our allegiances, our prejudices, our personal fears, our egos and reach a common foundation, a uniting principle that would focus the energy of the millions that say they care.

What's the common link? What bond is deeper than the effects we see and fight all around us because after all most of what we are fighting are the effects: Out of control health costs are an effect, high taxes are an effect, war is an effect, illegal aliens are an effect, big government is an effect (of course all of these are also causes for other things, some known, some unknown). Combatting effects are like trying to put out the forest fire with a garden hose.

What's the cause? How do we get to the cause?

That's what it feels like today, we agreed, like we are not able to put out this forest fire; not for lack of effort but for lack of proper equipment, in this case, a common, uniting cause.

My friend had decided, in a round-a-bout way, to make a movie. He had gained amazing clarity about the massive deception that is taking place in the highest level of our government, media and corporate world. He could no longer accept the story being told to our soldiers and to those who have died in the name of "freedom and democracy". He saw young Americans coming back with traumatic injuries and got angry about why they were put in harms way in the first place. He needed to do something, he had questions of his own, he couldn't continue to stay silent.

His movie is about the irrefutable existence of un-answered questions from September 11, 2001.

We sat and talked about the science of what happened that day in 2001, about proven facts that have not been addressed, about things like how the trade center buildings could possibly fall at almost a free fall rate as if there was no resistance in the concrete and steel structure, like where did the airplanes go in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon, like how steel could melt when airplane fuel burns at a temperature way below the melting point of steel, about building number 7 that collapsed hours after the towers fell without any structural damage. There are so many unanswered questions, there is so much science that has been left unresolved. What does it mean that we accept a less than complete understanding and resolution of the worst attack on US soil and the cause of the current socio-political scenario we see today, from the Patriot Act, to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, to the bail out and consequent expansion of the government.

What does it mean about us that these questions have not been answered and what could it mean to us if we were to demand the answers?

Who would be opposed to answering the questions and why? The opponents would surely say that the book is closed, that the 9/11 report is sufficient and what else could they possibly say because truly answering these questions is a terrifying thought but not answering them, simply letting them dissolve in the history of time, not ever knowing, to me, is more terrifying than any answer we could find but is also cowardly. What if we stopped everything, yes, everything. What if we stopped and engaged the whole country on this; imagine the power the people could wield in the search for truth.

I think that's the key, the search for truth, I think this is what could unite us and what better place to look for truth than in the most singular event in modern American history.

Could this be the thing that brings us together? I think it could.

What do you think.

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