Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dream Weaver

I discovered what Einstein didn't.
I solved his problem
And linked the Quantum to the Immense
it is the photon that's the key
and as I stroked my brain
with the combs of the solution
I pondered and wandered outside
in the dark
moonless night
the stars shone like atoms
against vast vast black
woods hidden all around me
pockets of space
rustle of leaves
and I walked towards a darkened house
in the salvation fear became a remnant
like an old board that used to support
a structure that is no longer needed
or relevant
but still lies to the side, overgrown with grass
I felt the ghost of fear
in the darkness
as the solution yielded its result
I turned quickly to hear the stalking of the beast
I turned again - there was another
I was surrounded on all sides by the demons
of the night
I put my finger to my mouth in thought
and understood that in the solution
I became infinite and that the beasts
were mine and therefore could do me no
but yet the ghost of fear was not slight
and he did not want to be a ghost
and my remnant fear screamed out to me
that all types of things and monsters
were there to take me
and rip me to shreds
with their silvery and dripping teeth
but I knew
and as I knew, I layed myself on the cold ground
like a child
I tested my salvation
and layed my body down in front of the darkened house
and darkened woods
and beasts and demons
and teeth and claws
and ferocious and hideous
gathering just inside the darkness
circling me
I layed down like a child
The door to the dark house opened
and something came out
the door closed and it walked towards me
I knew it was hell
but I also knew it was me
I reached up - even now with the solution - afraid
but un daunted
and touched a smooth calf a smooth leg
I looked up from my curled position to see
a princess knawing on my finger
and as I knew that she would change to the most
horrible beast - she did
and if the beast was real - my finger and hand and arm and body
would have been devoured
but I didn't move my hand
I didn't pull away
and the beast turned back to princess
and I knew I had saved myself.

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