Monday, August 24, 2009

Vermont LOVES single least Peacham Vermont...

That's right!

I didn't know what to expect when I hopped into my truck to make the 60 minute drive to Peacham. For those of you that don't know where Peacham is I recommend taking half a day and finding out; I am convinced the best thing about Vermont politics is the drive to get to the town hall, church, farm or school and I recommend taking back roads (like you have a choice) whenever possible. For me it was Route 2 to Houghton Road to Hookerville to Mack Mountain and low and behold, it wasn't a dead end. In fact I dropped right out of the forest above the Peacham Congregational Church.

I was motivated to attend Senator Sander's town hall not to hear about what he thought of the "health care crisis" but to observe the state of the town hall meeting itself. After seeing endless stories on the news, youtube and everywhere else about the contentious meetings that our public servants were having upon returning to their constituencies I wanted to find out for myself just what was going on in our Green Mountains.

The video that follows is a synopsis of the meeting. It's my goal to provide a factual basis from which to start a discussion. I have found it increasingly difficult to find factual information about anything these days. It doesn't matter where I look but I hear the same things from all sides and they are all calling each other wrong and evil and vicious (and that's polite). You can check out the video and see with your own eyes, hear with your own ears what our Senator is saying and you can come to your own conclusion, which is something (coming to one's own conclusion) that I think we are lacking as free people (oops there's some opinion). I will reserve my opinion and any other comments for the comment portion of this below. Until then here are some facts about the meeting.

  1. It was a rainy and overcast day, not cold but wet
  2. The roads around the church were packed with cars, there were cars starting 1/4 mile before the church and branching out 1/10 - 1/4 mile in many directions from the church
  3. The crowd was very civil
  4. There was about 600 people in attendance, maybe more
  5. People waited in line, in the rain for more than 45 minutes (some longer) and some didn't get into the church but I didn't see anyone leave
  6. Bernie came around and shook everyone's hand while they were waiting
  7. There were secret service of some kind and multiple State Police
  8. The asked you to sign in and list where you were from (Bernie's Interns)
  9. I saw only two people that could be labeled "protesters" and they were across the street and quiet, simply holding up two signs, one that read "End The Fed" and the other "Arrest The Bankers"
  10. There were a number of "red shirts", people in an organized group. The tee-shirts read "Health Care is a Human Right", they were asking for signatures on petitions. I would say there was at least 25 of them
  11. There were a number of signs, almost all of them supporting Single Payer and none of them, besides the two I mentioned above, protesting the Senators actions
  12. I have about 30 more minutes of Bernie speaking
Watch the video for yourself and leave some comments if it moves you.

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Andrea Parker said...

Thank you Damon. We need more Gorilla journalists who care about being objective and giving open information where we can get facts and form our own opinions.