Friday, August 21, 2009

It's ME

There was a man who hit on 17 because he was afraid of dying.

There was a nuclear explosion

As he busted

And the whole world was busted!

I fear the path I am walking

Because I do not trust

Or perhaps

Because I am not free.

A free man has no understanding of trust.

To know trust is to know deception

Trust is a developed necessity when navigating the whirled of men

Deception is the root.

Honesty as well,

Is the mantra of a captive.

Words developed

To serve the needs and motives

Of the fearful.

And everything built around the




Of the fearful.

Imagine the vastness of nothing

Some day

I imagine…

We will solve the riddle



We could simply become nothing

And that is only because our minds perceive our bodies and flesh

Because otherwise

How could we become nothing?

That would mean were were something

Something can’t become nothing


Do we stay something?

And if we do

Then what?

And if we don’t

Well then we must be able to fly

And walk through walls

And see through girls tops

Because if we don’t stay something

We never were something

So then what is this something that we think we are?

Who is this WE anyway?

It’s me,

Goddamn it.

Who else could it be.

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