Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Writings!

Ok so it's Monday's now...that's my new thing...In order to achieve a more full bodied, complex finish I will be holding off on writing until Mondays upon which I will, fountain like, shoot forth geysers of gleaming, glistening's all about allowing the grapes to ferment, allowing the coffee to percolate, the meat to marinate...

And today is Monday and I happen to be in a geographical location that happens to be a splendid match for contemplation and expression...

So let my voice be heard 
not above
but in concert 
with the waves
and natural motions
of the earth
as a bird
or flower
let my expression 
be one
of many
of one
finding the rhythm and stepping 
into the flow
watching as the flow passes me by
unaffected in function
tickled in form
I take a breath
give up
and am carried

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