Monday, July 20, 2009

Humanity VS Insanity Part 1

There were two brothers who were very different from each other
One was humane, the other insane

Humanity said to insanity - "hey you, you over there in the corner with that toothy smile and senile style...I say...You!"
Insanity looked up, he was eating and his mouth was full of delicious red lamb, bits of it hung from his lips and clung to his beard, "Me you say brother?  Me?"

"yes you"

"I want to know why it is your insane, I want to know how we can possibly be brothers, I just don't understand it"

Insanity did not pause but for a moment to swallow and lick his lips and then, like a jet "Silly brother, we are just a like, there is no difference between us except for one"

Humanity became quiet and looked with sadness on his brother.  "My brother" he sighed, "you cannot think of us as the same in any way, it just shows your madness.  In fact it is time to find our mother and ask her if we are not sired from different fathers."

"Let's go" and jumping up, Insanity, eyes wide like shooting light, hustled over to his brother to begin the search.

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