Thursday, July 23, 2009

The evaluation of a smile, prefaced by a couple of my rules

I consider it my responsibility
to jump in a mountain brook
if I have the chance
even if I have to make the chance

I feel the same way about sunsets
there is no excuse to miss one.
If I have a chance to see one
It becomes a priority

I wondered today
why and what it is that I feel
when I notice the constant movement
of the forest

and why and what it is when 
I feel the liquid passing over my skin,
when I look up
and green is all I see
but infinite shades - too many to name
and why would I want to;
when each leaf moves so it rubs against
as the wind is sucked through the canopy
and me.

I thought, today, about why I smile
deep and uncontrollably and surprisingly
when I look around on the road
and after a minute
I got it.


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