Monday, July 6, 2009

A Cape Cod Welcome

It's funny how it works
like the stretching of one life
until it snaps
and for a moment
there you are, hurtling
from the momentum
but connected to nothing
until you reach the crest 
of the Sagamore Bridge
and the new world
and your new life
unfurls below you
and accepts you in
and says to you, as it always has
welcome back
welcome back
and for me
a smile comes like the sunrise
gentle at first but
betraying the depth of what 
is yet to come
and this time
I embrace back with a heart
that is more open
and as I descend into my life
I can feel the new richness
and so close now,
I hurry down 28
to catch the sunset
and I notice that I am full

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