Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well for those that would like to follow the progress of our caravan across 1/3 of the county - This is the place to do it.

We leave tomorrow, which is today, Sunday, June 7, 2009 - hopefully by noon at the latest.  I have to pick up a 31 foot travel camper and somehow make it back up the Bolton Mountain hill to pack it up.  The crew from Vermont is Damon, Sally and Lannigan...we will be traveling 1180 miles or so to Manchester, Tennessee.  We have one stop planned, depending on how we feel, somewhere between 

Sally has been the lead horse on this one and thank heavens and earth and nature and lollipops and anything else I can thank for that.  As Austin Powers would say - "it's really not my bag, baby".  But it seems that organization and thoughtful preparation is Sally's bag so here's to her!!

Lannigan and I are really along as the grunts, I will be driving, Lannigan will be navigating...ahhh, scratch that...Lannigan will be providing entertainment as well as security and sleeping lessons.  Good ole Fancy (my truck) will be doing the long haul.  There have been rumors that Ole Fancy needs a new clutch but we won't talk about that till we get to Manchester.  

The trip should take about 18 hours with a straight drive, but like I wrote earlier we will be staying over somewhere...

The first leg is Bolton to Williamsport, MD - 531 miles...and if we are feeling spritely we will continue to New Market, VA - 98 miles and if we are still awake at the wheel then we will make one more surge to Natural Bridge, VA - another 81 miles.  If we actually make it to Natural Bridge we will have travelled about 710 miles and I expect it will have taken us in the neighborhood of 11 hours...The good thing about making it to our furthest stop is that there is wireless you may know if we've made it by checking the site to see if there is an update...

We are meeting the JB's - Justin and Julie, some of their friends, Kelly and John, as well as two other random people that the JB's are bringing.  

The gig at Bonnaroo is 24 hours for 4 days with 80,000 people in attendance.  Bruce Springsteen is one of the headliners and Phish is the other.  We plan on selling 4,000 servings of fries, 2000 servings of gravy, 1000 iced teas, and thousands of sauces as well as a few tee shirts here and there.  But when you really think about it...4000 servings of fries is only 83 cases...which is only about 21 per day...and that doesn't make sense to me because I think we can do 40 cases per day...which would really mess with our numbers...but what a great problem to have...

So we shall see.

Sally has been busy, BUSY for the last week preparing and it's amazing what that girl thinks of.  It's really no use for me to try and understand, it's more like just having faith.  Well, it's also like knowing that she is going to be much more prepared than I EVER would have been.  I am more the bring some oil, we'll find fryers, type of guy.

I have mapped out the trip online with AAA trip tix which is amazingly useful, at least from a comfortable desk in the beautiful mountains...we shall see just how useful it is when we hit the road.

Ok for now - If I don't get online tomorrow for an update I hope to get back late tomorrow night or early Monday morning before we go...if not I will be on after we arrive on Monday.  The festival officially starts Thursday.

Love and best to all - thanks for watching and stay Tchewned!

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