Monday, May 11, 2009

When will I stand up!

I wonder if I will ever stand up and take real action based on what I believe?  I mean, what will it take?  Will I have to be violated somehow, my property directly taken from me, arrested, will I have to be assaulted?  I know what's going on around me, it's clear that things, ohh yes, THINGS are not right.

It's clear that despite the beauty of human nature and our world, despite compassion and fearlessness and courage and honor and integrity - there are rotten things, oppressive things...there is injustice all around me.  But I often simply lay...swaddled in comfort thinking to myself ... well, no one is bothering me directly, today, I guess I am ok.  I guess everything is ok.

And then I think of all the quotes of all the men and women before me and I think of what true heroes sacrificed for an ideal and I think of the victory they achieved and I think how disgusted they would be with me.  And then I watch a movie.

I am comforting myself to death.  Comforting myself to death and all around me and my small, so small bubble injustice is being blatantly and purposefully sown.  

Did you know that as of June 1, this year, yes, this year in less than three weeks you will not be able to travel to Canada or Mexico without enhanced ID cards.  Enhanced means ID cards that have an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip embedded in them; a chip that contains all your "information".  What I find most people say when I tell them this is "no big deal" or "it's a good thing" seemingly not understanding that if the government can put all your information on a chip and convince you that it's good to have is just the beginning of a much bigger program of surveillance.  We all know how computers work now, we all see how easy it is to access, change, delete, corrupt information.  I personally don't care if the government knows where I live but I don't want the government to impose ANYTHING on me.  And the worst, the worst is that no one seems to really care...and maybe I don't fucking care either...let them tag me like a sheep, let them herd me and brand me and watch me and listen, let them fuck me and bleed me, red blood glisten.

Do you know what Vermont - the small farming capital of the earth it is illegal, yes ILLEGAL ( you can go to jail) to make a contract with a farmer to buy a cow and have the farmer raise and slaughter your cow and give you the meat.  Yes, it is illegal to #1 - make a contract between two consenting adults and #2 - to buy local food directly from the farm.

IN VERMONT...THIS BASTION OF LIBERTY AND FREEDOM a person will not be able to travel to Canada without having a special, government approved license and a person cannot buy meat directly from the farm it was raised on.  ILLEGAL!  And I guess there is one more thing and that is my frustration, consternation, infuriation for those who don't see the harm in these things, for anyone that thinks it's not a big deal to have a government controlled RFID in their license or that thinks government makes better choices about our food than we do...those people, those people - are you one of them - YOU ARE KILLING THE FUCKING WORLD!  BUT THEN AGAIN, so am I.  So I guess it all equals out.

what a life...

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