Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The vitality of action

It's a different kind of greatful
an acknowledgement
of truth
and good fortune

-instead of a single hand-hold on a wall of flat sorrow.-

For the earth
and my presence upon it,
and for all that it is

From the smell of the spring wind
to the crispness of winter
-the tumbling of water
down a mountain side-
to the termite and rodent
and the plants
and living things

For the complexity
and simplicity of purpose

For my consciousness - for my life

I am not that same as I was yesterday
I know now
the answers are on the inside

My walls
are flesh
Capillaries are 
my chains
Bone for concrete
as it always was.

The knowing is what is different...
but even that...
I cannot know what I do not know

It must be the action
It's the action that is different
I am the same as I have always been
I will never change

It is the action that is not the same.

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