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Summary of Jekyll Island Experience - The Beginning

This was written in a 10 hour span on the train from Jesup, Georgia to West Palm Beach.  It was the result of my two day experience with the Jekyll Island Project as well as the culmination of recently acquired is as incomplete as it gets but it is the best I could come up with with what I have and I consider it, as I consider everything I write, as a starting point, a launching, a beginning.  If it resonates with you please forward it, share it or give me feedback.

Summary of Jekyll Island Experience

What went on, Who was there, How it happened, When, Where and Why did it happen

When - May 21 and  22, 2009

Where - Jekyll Island Resort Hotel, Jekyll Island, Georgia - the same place where the private corporation The Federal Reserve was born.

How - There is more than one How.  The first "How" is technology that allows for instantaneous and full communications(what I mean by "Full" is there are few limitations on what can be communicated).  The second "How" is the dedication of a focused workforce.  There were many people who put much time and effort into the coordination of events from preliminary communication to travel to accommodations to on site organization of meetings, food, logistics and safety.  The third how is the commitment of a bunch of individuals and organizations to the cause of freedom.  The whole project wouldn't have mattered if no one cared enough to show up.

Who - The coordinating body was We The People, an organization dedicated to upholding the Constitution of the United States as the supreme law of the land (along with the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights) or as it says on their website "Peacefully Restoring Constitutional Order".  WTP founders through decades of research have determined and implemented an action plan of suing the Federal Government for Redress of Grievances.  Essentially this process involves the illumination (through research) of Constitutional violations by the Federal Government and the immediate (in most cases) filing of suit, with the First Amendment (the people have a right to redress of grievances) as the foundation against any and all departments or government organizations that they deem (based on the actions of that department or organization) in violation.  WTP has multiple cases currently pending and has filed dozens over the years all which they have taken to exhaustive ends, meaning they have not stopped until a final court ruling has been established.  This includes exhausting any and all options for appeals.  The attendees were leaders of activist groups from around the country as well as individual activists or concerned citizens.  I use the words "activist and concerned" because they are necessary to communicate that the people in attendance were people who have identified and are at the point of identification with the cause of liberty and believe the Constitution, BOR, DOI should be considered the supreme law of the land.  The attendees varied from noted authors like G. Edward Griffin who wrote The Creature from Jekyll Island and Edgar J. Steele, Defensive Racism, to individuals who believe that their government is no longer functioning in their best interests and in fact is working against the best interests of the people.  There were leaders from groups that are fighting against the following:  Electronic Vote Counting, RFID Chips and the REAL ID program, the illegalisation of homeschooling, North American Union and general Government corruption and deception, to mention a few.  The following groups are just a sampling of the many that attended:  Freedom Force International, Minute Men, Republic Broadcasting Network, Liberty Restoration Project, Republic Magazine, Common Sense Revisited, Campaign For Liberty.  Each attendee had the common bond that their individual rights were being infringed upon in some way by the Federal Government and most had taken some form of action towards illuminating and combating those they felt were responsible for the infringement.  I intend to get a list of all the members that attended.

What - The Jekyll Island Project (JIP) was the beginning of the transformation of a movement.  It was an attempt (successful in design) to consolidate the segments/fragments of the activist community under the broad, but easily recognizable, perhaps most recognizable umbrella of Liberty.  It became a clearinghouse for the cultivation of ideas and networks across wide political and social beliefs and the catalyst for the manifestation of a focused action directed at the source (still to be identified) of the infringement and destruction of freedom through the violation of Constitutional law, human law and the founding values of the United States of America as laid out in the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.  It was an organization, a congress with the most ambitious goal of primary action; primary action being an action that achieves the highest return of value (of intent) for the effort put in.  A declared objective of the JIP was to identify a time and location to convene a Continental Congress comprised of three elected citizens from all 50 States and Washington DC.  This event would be a non--political (meaning not connected to the political process) referendum of the people.  

The JIP was primarily tasked to illuminate the attendees about this Congress but is specifically NOT to be the organizer.  It was made clear that the JIP was to be a support (one of many) system and catalyst towards what would evolve to be a true movement of The People.  It was in this recognition that the true scope of the JIP comes into focus but to see it one must be able to imagine a non-political movement of such force and mass it would render the current government helpless and hopeless in the continuation of their destructive actions.  It now becomes clear, as well, that the JIP recognizes that its very involvement or the involvement of any other organization as a leading force in the Continental Congress and the projected development of a true peoples movement would be antithetical to the source power of the movement itself.  This source power being identified as the desire to realize the natural right that exists in us all of individual freedom.  In itself, then, the JIP was the "official or public" beginning of action towards the creation of a true, perhaps the most true, peoples movement that has been imagined since the founding of our country and the writing of the documents we are now using to chart our course.

Why - The JIP project exists because it is the effect of certain causes.  The people involved have all recognized that they, as individuals, are free beings.  That all power, all human development, all progress and all destruction arise from the individual and nothing else.  They recognize that individuals GIVE power to entities like governments in order to facilitate the cause of freedom and the expression of the individual.  This realization has come in many different ways and the origin is not as important as the commonality of belief in the freedom of the individual.  It is clear to all involved in the JIP that we, as individuals, have GIVEN power to the government of the United States and that that government has forgotten the source of its power.  The JIP exists because the American government has violated this premise and by direct and subversive means has assumed the power that the people have both given and left.  The JIP exists and will continue to grow because it has, at this point, endless factual fuel from which to draw its strength.  There are documented and indisputable facts that the US Government has directly and subversively ignored, contorted, destroyed for it's benefit (not the peoples) the ideals and structure of the three supreme documents.  There is also proven, documented examples (thousands or more) of lies, deception, misinformation and oppression, through violent means of the US Government against the citizens who formed it.  With this recognition it becomes clear why the JIP exists and will continue to grow until the goal of Constitutional law is restored or the the people are imprisoned. 

Personal Conclusion - I now realize that what I love about America are the ideals she was founded on.  I now realize it is the people who corrupt those ideals in the name of protecting them are the problem.  This is not a political issue, it is a human issue and to truly understand the movement of the Jekyll Island project it is necessary to allow your thoughts to flow to the logical extremes.  You must be able to put down your reactions, presumptions and assumptions because what you are going to find, is not comfortable or common.  You must not allow yourself, your thoughts to be stopped by anger or fear.  You must allow your prejudices but not be affected by them because the answers do not lie in the arguments that we have with each other, they do not lie in being right or wrong about the issues.  The answers do not lie in your personal view of abortion, race, gun control, health care, government, environment or any particular issue.  

The answers lie in your ability to have a view.  

The ability to have a view is what the JIP is about.  

The answers lie not in the subject of the argument but in the ability to argue, in the freedom to express your opinion. 

The essence of the movement comes down to a single point from which all others are derived and it can be gleaned in a question:  Do you believe that a human being is sovereign?  Asked another way...Do you believe that there is any power above that of the individual?  If you answered Yes, there is a power greater than the power of the individual and it is called God my question to you is - what is the next most sovereign power after God?  If you answered No, I would like to hear what this power looks like.

The only source power that is available in the world is the power that naturally exists within each of us (given to us by God if you are a believer and simple logic of existence if you are not).  Either way - God or not - is there another source of power on earth before the individual?  

I believe the answer is no.  The essence of what the JIP is promoting and what people and organizations all over the world are promoting is the sovereign, un-deniable, irrefutable, unassailable, natural, earthly power of the individual.  

Now, back to the second sentence in my conclusion, allow your thoughts to run and spread to the logical extreme.  Take them all the way, with no consideration for what comes up, for fear or for disgust or for joy.  Simply allow the truth of your knowledge of individual power to spread in your mind.  What you will come up with may be staggering in it's deviation from the life you currently understand to be true, to the life that some people and organizations, including the US government, perpetuate from the moment you are born, as true.  

There is no way to believe that the individual is the source of all earthly power and simultaneously believe that what our government is doing is good.  And that is why so many people feel powerless, they are afloat amidst their own, unrealized power.  

The government or any organization, cannot have power without the sanction of the people and any government or group that seeks to attain power that is not given must use force of violence (physical, mental or spiritual) to achieve it.  It now becomes crystalline that any government or organization that would seek to subvert, destroy, deny or restrict the natural earthly power of the individual is not simply criminal but something worse than criminal, worse than criminal because criminal is based on the laws of man and in violating individual freedom the government is violating natural law.  What does it mean to restrict individual freedom if it is the basis for all the good in the world?


Make no mistake there is a domestic war being fought now, right now.  Whether you choose to know it is the only thing that differentiates who is going to win because once you know it you cannot turn from it, you cannot deny it, you become an activist a promoter of freedom without having to lift a finger; the knowledge will change you.  It never ceases to amaze and sadden me when my attempts to share this information is met with such visceral response from the very people whose freedoms are being oppressed.  It is a tribute to the skill and intimacy with which the people of our government have waged their war against us.  Not only do many choose not to see but many actually call out in support of their own, individual destruction. 

This knowledge can kill you but it can also set you free.  It is the knowledge of the ages, passed down and fought for ever since humanity gained consciousness.  The tremendous weight and responsibility of knowing it is bigger than any other earthly responsibility and that is why most people choose not to know and that is why most people live a life frustrated and dead to the power that lies within us all.  

There is a solution.

We have been given the greatest gift of human governance ever created on earth.  We have been given the instructions on how to live together and achieve the benefits of society while celebrating and holding up as truth, the freedom of the individual.  It has been written down for us and handed down to us, it has been fought for and paid for in blood and fortune.  It is the law of government, the law of a Republic.  It is the Constitution of The United States Of America, The Declaration Of Independence and The Bill Of Rights.  I cannot but simply be grateful for the convergence of times and character that came together centuries ago to form the most fundamental structure ever laid down by human hands in the pursuit and defense of freedom.  If you haven't read them and don't know them you do not have a foundational understanding of America.

We are at another convergence of times and character today and with those documents as our foundation it becomes clear, bright as the sun, that the insidious element that is our government is directly and repeatedly violating the principles of the founding of our country; it is they, the the people who choose not to know and who choose to force affiliation through violence instead of inspiring commitment through peace and integrity who are the traitors.  They have stolen our country and our ideals from us and worse yet, we have let them.  They have made their crime look like our fault but we have done a good job of making it our fault as well.  They have disguised our defeats by the most evil and sinister ways and we have let them; they have done it by convincing us that we are at fault, that we are the criminals and the terrorists, that we are the ones who must be ruled and along the way we have acquiesced.  They have done it in such a way that has us calling for their help, calling out to be rescued, denying to ourselves and our children that their could be another way.  And all along the path - we have succumbed to them.  We have bought what they are selling because we don't understand who we are, because we don't understand that we are the source of all power and freedom and truth, that we are the source, we the people, of every success, every greatness ever attained by man.  It is shame on us for being so afraid and shame on us for forgetting so soon the way in which our country was founded.  It is shame on us for teaching our children our fear, do you think the government feels shame for what it's done?

Read the greatest document ever written for human freedom, educate yourself on what is truly happening, stop arguing about your opinions and start directing your energy and essence towards the illumination and dedication of and to the truth.  

Veritas Vincit



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