Thursday, May 21, 2009

Number Two Entry -

May 21, 2009 – 6:59am – We are almost to Jesup, next stop. 

After a fitful night of tossing and turning I am awake and back at it.  For those that have never tried to sleep on a train – it’s the type of arrangement that makes discomfort feel like a featherbed, if you are lucky enough to attain discomfort.  I most likely got about 2 hours or intermittent sleep.  The gentleman who took this trip 99 years ago no doubt had a longer run but they also had more luxurious accommodations.  I am thinking of their motivation, did they have goodness in their hearts and their intent when coming to Jekyll?  Were they discussing the fleecing of the American people in their private cars on the way down?  As with out government, they were hiding something, the trip in 1910 was taken in ultimate secrecy and great effort was made to avoid detection by the press.  The irony here is thick…that today there doesn’t seem to be any press on a journey that seeks to bring light to a dark and greedy stain on American History.  

However – no worries – today is much different than 100 years ago and as Jello Biafra says – “become the media” and we have the ability to do just that.  I sat in on a pow wow after dinner last night.  There were about 15 others involved in this same journey that had gathered to share stories and strategies.  Among them was David Kokesh a ex-Marine who is running for Congress in Santa Fe, NM.  Part of the reason I came on this ride was to understand more about this movement to action by a group called We The People.  I want action.  It’s undeniable.  Our condition today as a collective is rapidly deteriorating.  I think it’s because people simply don’t care or, if they do care, they don’t have any idea what to do or how to do it.  There are only so many letters to the editor, only so many arguments among friends about what is best, only so many groups to join before you must ask yourself…what’s the point?  What is it I am trying to accomplish.  This is a good place to be because there is nothing better for the seriousness of man than to evaluate his own position when faced with taking real and concrete action which will separate him from his comfort.  No matter what comes of this – it was important for me to take another, further step towards understanding what I can do to live in a world that shares my fundamental values.

We will arrive in Jesup in 30 minutes and hop a bus to Jekyll Island.  The activities at Jekyll start around 11:30.  Until next time – stay tchewned!

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