Thursday, May 21, 2009

Leaving for Jekyll Island - Entry 1

May 20, 2009 – 4pm

I just left the Newark Station on train 97 – The Silver Meteor – en route to Miami Flordia by way of Jesup, Georgia – which is my stop, from there a bus will take me to Jekyll Island – The train is empty – I am in the first car, seat 25, with no one around me and only a few people sharing the car.  I have been railing it since 10:23 this morning – it’s not ten minutes to four, pm.  I have about 16 hours to go during which time I will be examining why the hell I am doing this, what it means to me and what I hope to accomplish.  As I began really process it all this morning (it’s amazing what a few hours on a train, by yourself, will do for the focus) I came up with this:  I see an opportunity to improve the conditions of my life.  

I hope some people read this because I think, if anything, it will be a diversion from the day to day, a great story and possibly the start of some type of positive action.  So if there are people reading I think it’s important to clarify that…I love my life.  I love it for the challenges the joy the sorrow, all of it and that is why I can make a statement like “I see an opportunity to improve the conditions of my life”.  This is an intensely personal journey for me, as they all are.  I am not thinking altruistically.  I am not thinking that I can save the world.  I am not thinking of the children destroyed by guns and greed.  I am thinking solely of myself, of what I want to do and be in the world.  I am thinking of my inner wizard not my outer worker.  And when I think (or don’t) of these things…I come back to why I am sitting on the 97 train to Miami via Jesup and Jekyll Island and the answer is:  I see this trip as an opportunity to improve the conditions of my life.

Here is a little tidbit about the Federal Reserve Corporation, this is the nutshell version – not that detailed, possibly not correct in every detailed fact but exact in the essence of things.  The Fed (that’s what we’ll call it) is a private corporation, just like IBM or Disney or McDonalds.  They are not subject to any government or public intervention or investigation and rightly so because of their corporate status.  This would be all fine and good IF the Fed wasn’t guaranteed a monopoly on the printing of money for the entire United States.  That’s right.  The Federal Reserve Corporation is in the money printing business, it’s what they do.  They make their money by charging the US Treasury interest on the money that they print for it.  The US Treasury then charges the central banks interest to use the paper money and then the central banks charge the regional and local banks interest to use the paper money and finally the regional and local banks charge you and I to use the money.  Here’s A catch:  All of these banks along the line are allowed to lend out more money than they have…so if a bank has $5 in paper money in their possession they are allowed to lend out 10, 20 sometimes 30 times that amount to other banks, business or individuals.  In essence these banks don’t have to have the money they lend out, in fact, these banks DO NOT HAVE the money they lend out BUT, even though they don’t have it…they get to charge interest on it!  Huh?!  If it sounds like a great system…it is.  If it sounds horrifying it is.  And the worst part (or best if you’re a banker) is that the Federal Reserve and therefore ALL the banks have a monopoly on printing the money.  If you begin to think of the Federal Reserve for what it really is, a private corporation, you can begin to see how devious and actually illegal it is.  Just imagine IBM, McDonalds or Walt Disney having monopolies on computers, hamburgers or movies.  There is no difference between that scenario and what the Federal Reserve Corporation actually does now, legally.  Think about it…the Federal Reserve's product is the Dollar Bill...and no one else on earth is allowed to make it.  They have the only legal and encouraged monopoly.  

Spread it like the swine flu...only healthy...

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