Friday, May 22, 2009

Jekyll Island Friday Morning - The Truth is there is you choose to see it

It's 9:20am in Georgia.  Grey and overcast; the Spanish Moss hanging lazily and people waking and making their way towards another session here at Jekyll Island.

What a day yesterday was, I arrived after a 20 hour train ride and an hour bus ride and went right into ceremony and meetings about the most important things.  There is a relative sea of information to be had here from people who have been fighting against what they see are injustices of their government.  Each one is an expert in their field.  Each one has done tremendous work and research in defining the problem as they see it and the solution.  It is like I am swimming in information and I consider myself to be fairly well informed.

I am not.

Today starts the final day of this session and I will be live blogging when I can coordinate it.  It's difficult because the signal isn't great in the rooms we are meeting in but just outside the rooms I get a signal so often I run back and forth to do it.  The live blog is at the bottom of this page...just scroll down and you will see it.

I will be summarizing all I have found here but it is going to take a full digestion after an enormous meal.  My plan is to have a simple and concise summary by Sunday Morning posted here.

In the meantime what is happening here is nothing short of the most ideal Revolution.  What I mean by that is that there is a way to make a change.  And not just a change in who we elect as leaders.  There are people who have been documenting the distresses caused to our system by people in government for decades.  The beauty is that the information is all here but the catch is and it is the ultimate catch - you must care!  Yes, if you care to find out that your government and many of the people in it have been acting in ways that are not legal or constitutional, if you care that your government is consciously and actively working to limit your freedom and your choice - the information is here for you to understand more.  And I implore you, if you do care, to do the research yourself.  Talk, heresay, argument ... it all is useless and I actually find it is a hinderance to true knowledge and action.

This is not an easy thing.  If you care it will be difficult for you to read and gain an understanding of what is really happening because it will be so abhorrent to you and your idea of both your freedom and your country.  These are not pleasant things.  They are not what the American Ideal or dream has been about.  What you find when you scratch the surface is a deep layer of corruption and control by what is, in truth, a criminal body, nothing less.  Simply because you choose not to see it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.  

I am starting to understand better my goal in being here and beginning to understand better my summary for this whole weekend and my action plan for the future.  It is going to be centered around the TRUTH.  As a people, a free people we are not (or should not be) constrained from our actions (unless of course they are causing harm to another).  If we as individuals want to lie to people we only must be willing to accept the consequences of our choice.  However the government is in place to run and oversee a SYSTEM.  The government is not an individual and the therefor the government cannot lie.  The people in government are not allowed, by virtue of their position to lie or withhold ANY truth from the people who have transferred responsibility to them.  Government is necessary for a people to live freely.  There must be a system in place to ensure justice and overall protection.  But as soon as a government and the people in a government become liars or withholders of information they are violating and bastardizing the very purpose of their charge and by effect becoming illegitimate.

This movement for me is about Truth and Responsibility.  At this point before my digestion is complete I can say to anyone reading this that the truth is available for those who care enough to find it and for those that choose not to find it, they do not change the truth by failing to look at it.  If our government is legitimate, and concerned for the wellfare of the people and not the wellfare of itself, it would cherish the truth and celebrate its application.

That is not the government we have and that is the first step to understanding and digging deeper.  This government we have is an entity that is first concerned about itself and that is no government that I want to support.  If you want, the information is here, if you choose you can find out more and if you act you can spread the word about what the truth really is.  I fear that if we don't get enough people simply knowing the truth we will not have enough momentum to make the PEOPLE who are running this government accountable for their actions.  It is the people, not the government, that must be accountable and the people in government can only be held acountable by the masses of the governed.  After all it is supposed to be a SERVANT GOVERNMENT.  We are not supposed to be servants of it.  

But, alas, we have and will continue to get EXACTLY what we ask for and desire.  We have so far and I know what my responsibility is for that.  I have not searched deeply enough nor spoken out enough when I have found out the truth.  It doesn't take much, at least not yet, it doesn't take blood like it did 220 years ago, it just takes knowledge and communication and commitment to the fact that America is the greatest idea of freedom ever imagined on the planet in human history and if We The People do not look out for it, who will?

Please educate yourself and spread the word.  Or if you enjoy the way things are going, sit quietly and don't bother anyone.  For if you do enjoy the path we are on you have nothing to fear from either side, the truth or the lies...because if the lies continue to win out you will have what you desire and if the truth wins out you will get what you desire, because the truth is not concerned with how you live your life.



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