Saturday, May 2, 2009

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Went to a "We the People" meeting last night in the Flemming Museum.  I didn't pay close attention to the invite, which comes to me from being an online member of the Ron Paul meetup group.  It started at 7:30pm and I didn't get out of there until 11:30.  The stamina of the speaker was incredible, especially considering he had just finished, literally, a 90 day tour of all 50 states talking about the same thing...In essence...the United States as we know it and as it was meant to be has been co-opted by criminals.  The government that is supposed to be a servant to the people has, over time, insidiously flipped the switch and is the one with all the "power".

Nothing so far that is beyond belief or even uncommon for anyone who has half a notion to think freely and not take authority as truth.  But the points this gentleman made were persuasive, enlightening, infuriating and much, much appreciated.  There is too much information to communicate here so I will some it up with what he said was the organizations "Capstone Grievance".  The grievance to top all grievances! and I encourage you to do your own research and draw your own conclusions....

The CG essentially revolved around the first admendments guarantee 

"to petition the Government for

 a redress of grievances."

Look it up.  According to WTP this statement has never been clarified by any supreme court or judiciary and I believe him.  In laymens terms the right to a "REDRESS" is akin to the government's responsibility to respond to it's citizens when they have a complaint.  The WTP organization has petitioned the government and many of it's representatives, including the president, atty general, all members of congress, and many many more since 1987 and has an extensive and exhaustive record of these attempts at Redress going unanswered.

The bottom line here is that this clause is written in as an undeniable HUMANRIGHT, a right guaranteed before law, before government and above it.  The founders who wrote it in did it for a reason and the reason was to show a people, a FREE people that their government, no matter how far out it got, was ALWAYS and ultimately responsible to THEM - the people.  SO much so that when THE PEOPLE have a concern it is WRITTEN in the supreme law of the land that the government MUST address the concern.  The founders, brilliantly saw that a government who had transgressed so far from serving the people would obviously NOT want to deal with any type of accountability...and when that happened and the FREE PEOPLE realized that the "government" that they had put their faith and resources in, when not responsive to the PEOPLEs Redress, was really not a government at all but had de-volved into a tyranical machination and was NO LONGER WORTHY OF GOVERNING A FREE PEOPLE.

Essentially the WTP has proven it's case that our "government" is not worthy of governing a free people.

The website is

There is more research to be done for have to draw your own opinions and NOT HASTILY...that happens to be one of my biggest challenges...but I keep on trying, no matter what YODA says.

There is some beyond worthy stuff here.

Thank you

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Kirk said...

Hey Damon,

This is an issue that I find more and more interesting and infuriating as well. I never know what exactly to think because there's so much evidence that can be interpreted in so many ways. But I agree: I think it's undeniable that the government is not as accountable as it should be.

At the same time, and this is not to make any excuses for the US situation, but as an American living outside the US, even in a 'modern' nation such as Spain, I can't help but thinking that we Americans actually have it pretty good. There's a lot that's f-ed up in the US, and it's worth fighting to try to change it, but I for one am grateful for the albeit less-than-desirable accountability we do have in the US. And Spain is not the only place; nowhere else I've lived or traveled outside the US has a system that is as transparent. And, for all its colossal waste, somewhat efficient, too.

Let this not be interpreted as a criticism - I agree with you, but also wanted to point out that the fight could be an even greater challenge. Of course, getting busy people who have to work a lot just to get by (even if they are fabulously wealthy compared to the rest of the world) motivated enough to fight is a bigger challenge when people like me point out that things could be worse. Unfortunately, it might take a true despot for everyone to get angry enough to stand up.

How do ordinary people stand up? How do you think this fight needs to be carried out?

Best - Kirk