Friday, May 1, 2009

Health Care = Slavery - TODAY in Montpelier, the WOLF speaks from the mouth of the sheep!

There is a health care rally, billed the biggest rally in Vermont History, today on the Statehouse lawn in Montpelier.

They proclaim that Health Care is  a Human Right.

My question is:

If health care is a human right - who is tasked to provide it?

I know, I know... THE GOVERNMENT!  That's who.  The Government must provide's the thing...

Is it the government who is going to go to school to learn the skills necessary to provide high level health care?  Is it the government who will operate on you when necessary?  Is it the government who will develop new technology to replace limbs and cells? 

I am not arguing that it would be nice if everyone had access to healthcare, although I think it's a fantasy.  I am not arguing that it would be nice if our children were covered.  Nope - the point is this:  If these people were to get their way and all of a sudden Health Care became a HUMAN RIGHT - someone must be responsible for providing that right and I would like to know who they think it is?

Think about it.  How do you guarantee health care as a human right without making the providers of healthcare slaves to that right?  And I am not talking about insurance companies or governments - the truth is that those entities do not PROVIDE health care - they "provide" money for health care.  It is the doctors and nurses and teachers, the people, who actually provide the care and these are the ones that would be enslaved to the RIGHT of health care for all. 

There are so many flaws in this line of thought, so obvious that I think that the people behind this movement are either so far gone that they have been overcome to the point of irrationality OR they understand exactly what it is they are saying and in their misplaced anger and treacherous blaming don't care that their solution is really no solution at all, which would mean that they are actually the worst of the bunch.

Simply saying something because ONE FEELS indignation at the thought of a sick child in a "rich" country is no different than ANY of the methods of thinking or acting that have helped to take this country and this world to the exact point it is today.   The people who so "righteously" hold up their fists and proclaim that they could know what a Human Right is and proclaim, further, that they MUST have it are the true killers.  They are different from the "capitalist swine" they rage against because they want more than money, they want AND they believe they can get, your soul, your life.  They want you to give up your life for someone else.

These Human Rightsters are doing what they claim has been "done" to them.  They wish to simply switch the oppressors and the oppressed.  They wish to be in the position of being "insured" against poor health.  They want the violators (and there are plenty) to become the violated.  They do not wish for all children to be cared for, only their children and they parade their viciousness around in the vehicles of righteousness, public rage and justice. They are the worst of the bunch.

We are living in a time when Victories are really defeats, where oppression, anger, justification and violence masquerades as HUMAN RIGHTS.  It is not an easy time and nothing is what it seems.  The challenge is not to go out an hold up a sign for what you THINK AND FEEL but to tear apart what you think and feel in a search for truth.  We have the greatest opportunity for human advancement that has ever been possible in the world, today, right now but many, many will simply stop when they should go and proclaim knowledge when it's ignorance that should be celebrated.  Can we take a pause, please, can we take a pause and look around us and inside and think of what it means to be human and what it means to live and stop proclaiming and fighting useless and distracting battles that only lead us down the same road we have been traveling, further and further down the same road.

We are not on the right track.  Not at all.

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