Thursday, May 21, 2009

Entry #3 - Jekyll Island

I am now writing live from Jekyll Island club in Georgia - SItting on a veranda - it's overcast, muggy with a nice breeze.  There are people from activist groups across the country here.  They have gathered to find common ground towards ACTION against the people who have taken over and corrupted many parts of our system.  I am an observer here.  I was no longer satisfied with simply writing letters to the editor and arguing with friends about what I perceive is happening to our freedom...

There are all types of people here - and my challenge is to withhold any type of judgement before processing the information.  One thing that is clear is that these people think our freedom is in jeopardy and for now that is the common bond.

I believe the people who have come here have no less of a goal than peaceful revolution but revolution non-the-less.  It's a hard word to talk about, especially if you have not done a good job of keeping yourself informed by means other than USA Today, Fox or the other networks.  My job, as I am beginning to understand it is to help communicate the WHY and the HOW.

I will be here for a full day of meetings today and tomorrow and will be blogging about it the entire time.  If you care about it or even feel that something isn't quite right - put down the judgement, if you have some, and communicate about what you think.  That's why I am here - I needed to more than what I was doing.  I couldn't ignore what I was seeing around me and couldn't simply go to work and distract myself.  I have simply taken the next step, the next step towards understanding what the options are...if you are interested...spread the word and communicate.


Mojo said...

What freedoms are in jeopardy? Did we increase border security because we want to keep citizens in or terrorists out? I am going with the latter and feeling thankful for it.

Sally said...

Hey Damon,

I am interested in learning more. Thanks for the blogs! Did you post them to your facebook pages?

Looking forward to more data and your experiences.