Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A document of JOY

Joy is not for the weak
it's gates are guarded
by fear

Joy is the reward of
shining self
and as the reward
it must be won

Look to your deepest fears
they are the gatekeepers
do not fear your fear
embrace and plunge
-wholly immersed-
soak yourself
absorb your fear
and make it yours
and you will pass through
its gates
and fear will become
a statue
a marker
a passive and beautiful 
that will crumble to 
on the dirt
of your boot
and Joy will be yours
in ways
of un-imaginable growth

Joy is not for the weak
or confused
it is not for the wisher
or talker
it is reserved only for those
who move themselves
through the world
for those who 
their potency

Joy is for the doer
of life
and for those
who do not lie

Joy is the realization 
of options
without judgement
Joy is the dismissal 
of fear

Joy does not know weakness
and will never be found 
in confusion

Joy is the reward of 
strength of self

Joy is the most profound effect
of a life well lived

Its power is never diminished.
Its presence is always accessible.

Joy is never lost

To suffer over lack of Joy
is to move further from it
is to actively close yourself from it

Joy is the result of the acceptance
of personal truth
and the action
of manifesting
that truth

Go to it with no regard
for thoughts of others
Go to it wildly, giddy with glee
Go to it with raged intensity

And set off on a journey

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