Saturday, May 16, 2009

Be unemployed

Spring is sprung and the green is all around me.  It's beauty and rebirth and it's hard to see the bad when surrounded by such life and renewal.  I am enjoying my unemployment like a man who has deprived himself of food would enjoy food again.  I know our society is not set up for people to do other than work, easily, but I recommend a bit of unemployment for everyone, even if it means collecting checks.  My point is that I have seldom given myself the gift of leisure of the mind...there has always been something "next" for me, something immediate...and this isn't to say that I don't think about what is next, I do, but the freedom of mind that I am experiencing having removed myself from my day to day pattern and schedule of work is like a breath of spring air.  It's difficult to describe because I have never felt it or done it before but it is closest to beautiful and welcomed chaos of the mind.  Without the self imposed and banal patterns that I found in the work I was doing (it wasn't all banal but the majority of my efforts were directed towards banality) my mind has experienced a kind of void that, almost at once, was filled with the rushing in of both new and old ideas.  The new ideas came because there was now the allowance to think about them and the old ideas began to be fertilized and grow because of the same allowance.

As a disclaimer I don't think it's an easy thing to do.  There is fear, the challenge is to not allow it to dictate to you your actions.  It is so easy and comfortable to spring back, as well, to what you know, what you are familiar with, in fact it has been one of my biggest challenges to say no and to run from ideas and temptations that reek of the familiarity of the past.   Of course I could open a bar, club, restaurant and maybe I will again some day.  But for now those things represent to me the same ole same ole and I find by turning away from them and being disciplined in my thought, which is also a relatively new experience, I am beginning to be filled more with wonder at the natural things around me and my appreciation of simple beauty is as enhanced as my indignation at injustice is.

It's a wonderful thing and everyone should try it.

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Anonymous said...

I am unemployed every summer and I know what you mean about freedom of the mind. It trully is the an awesome feeling. What happened to the days of taking care of your land and family? Oh what a time it muat have been.