Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And So Begins Again...

On the night of November 22, 1910, a group of newspaper reporters stood disconsolately in the railway station at Hoboken, New Jersey. They had just watched a delegation of the nation’s leading financiers leave the station on a secret mission. It would be years before they discovered what that mission was, and even then they would not understand that the history of the United States underwent a drastic change after that night in Hoboken.

I am getting ready to board the first leg of the train - I will travel from Schenectady, NY to Penn Station and then on to the Newark (Hoboken, NJ) train and the same route the original trip took.  My goal is to observe and evaluate (possibly participate) this group of people and hear their ideas to really find out if there is ACTION that a working person can take to combat this out of control system.  I will be updating daily...spread the word.

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Anonymous said...

Sunny Brink was born the same day 59 years later. Coincidence I think not. Believe it or not.