Saturday, April 11, 2009

You Can't Run Away From Yourself

Magnificent Ignorance
Joyous Decimation
Compassionate Destruction

The words blend like butter,
without meaning
but with nice flavor

What is a crises?

Everyone is talking.
Especially the ones that don't have the capacity for it.

and they are not the ones you think

There are answers out there for us.
There are still things to be discovered.
There is at least the possibility of the absence of consciousness
at some point.

Do we simply shed?

I think a lot 
what I think is that there may be no better option, at this point, than to stand up with my entire being against this government.  Because I have the liberty right now in my life to sit quietly with nothing on the immediate horizon and meditate on what I want to do.  And I have been.  And everything I think off stinks of this "society"; like the dumps and giant garbage heaps of the USA the government is a blight, a smelly, insidious, growing blight and everything I think of that I may want to do, well almost everything, comes back, somehow on the government or maybe more specifically on what is happening in the world today.  It's is getting increasingly more difficult to focus on selling a product or producing some value when all around you people are murdering each other and some are slaughtering others, in your name.

because that is what is happening, it's one of the things happening, just one, yup, ONE.  If you consider a "slaughter" to be killing children then there is a group of people slaughtering another group in my name.  Of course we are no different than anyone else...people are slaughtering other people who have no relation to me, other than being my brother in doesn't really get better as you look at it.

And so if I am finally concluding that there are values higher than my job, even my life, possibly - it become increasingly difficult to not turn and address this becomes, over time, the easier choice.

Am I saying there is nothing noble in it?  No.  I am not saying anything other than it becomes an easier choice because it becomes more difficult to lie to yourself that it's none of your business or whatever line you choose.  For me...I simply keep telling myself that there is no way they can do this...that things aren't so bad and they're going to change anyway, soon, soon they will, this guy, this guy's just a bad apple - it will turn soon, they can't keep behaving like they are, I am don't know anything about it, I am not informed, it will turn soon, it will turn, this guy's a great guy, it's not changing...what can I do about it?  What could I possibly do?  Yeah - I have been thinking like that since I was about's gonna get better, this is just temporary...

I had my reasons.
I am older now and trying my best to get younger.
The more ignorance 
the better
for me
I don't believe anything or anyone - 
and I like it that way.
Till I see and hear and touch it myself.
and then still sometimes
I don't believe.

So what to do.  What to do?

Bob Marley has a line I love because it applies so firmly to me:  "You can't runaway from yourself"

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