Saturday, April 25, 2009

Riding Life

Heading to Tuckerman with less on my mind than I thought...
I have done my thing tonight - late night preparation
been processing in my mind for a couple days, anyway.

It's heavy duty over there and I have had to face the reality of the weather and snow conditions of Mount Washington.  There are heavy avalanche warnings, to start with.

I have always wanted to ski Tuckerman, always thought I would do it with my brothers and always thought it was called Tuckerman's...with the "s", but no.

I have been getting what I "want" lately.

It's time to see what that means.

I am taking my skis, not my snowboard
and I am in an old school state of mind
but it took me a while to get there
and it took throwing out the notion of riding
(even with my shoulder).

It's gonna be fun to see where all this goes.

Even though I am not riding Tuckerman
I am riding life.

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