Friday, April 17, 2009

Not enough people are paying attention!

Just got back from the Bernie Sanders - William Black and (tag a long) Peter Welch - forum at Montpelier High School.

For those of you that don't know William Black is a former government regulator and self proclaimed White Collar Criminologist (or at least I have heard no one else PROclaim him that).  To give you a start on whether this might be something you want to read...check this out:

He says it is common knowledge and measurable that altruism or altruistic tendency decreases with increased levels of education, specifically with MBA and beyond.  He said it almost as if they signal out those that have that level of education as potential white collar criminals.  

This is an incredible proclamation and should terrify you because it's no different than a scientist saying that they will be able to genetically determine your likelihood of committing a crime...  Any time you here anyone proclaiming that they "know" it's trouble time...  In this case and (sidetrack) with genetics the discussion is about someone else Pre-Judging you on a level that could actually effect the way you live your life.  It's scary shit but also interesting.  And the fact that they, Black and Co, are assuming that Altruism is a good thing is fairly claustrophobic to me as well, like if you are not altruistic something is wrong with you.  Like Altruism is a moral imperative...

Anyway Black does have some revealing information...I do my fair share of looking around and getting first hand info and some of the things he was saying were clearly saying that our entire financial system - systemically - is corrupt, from the bottom to the top.  This may or may not be news to you but I think you will find it interesting to watch the video I posted to the lower right of this.  It's Black on with Bill Moyers.

As far as the event went tonight - The message I got was that we're essentially fucked.  All these guys kept saying was that the levels of corruption were high, that the entire system was corrupt, that there needs to be an investigation, that we need to know names and how we got into this mess. 

The buzz words for the night were "NATIONALIZATION" and "RECEIVERSHIP".  It was clear that both Bernie and Black were in agreement on one or the other and although it wasn't Welch's show, he was just tagging along, his actions speak clearly to where he stands.  Many in the crowd brought up the "need" to nationalize and most of the applause was saved for those who spoke of it and spoke of Capitalism being broken.

One of the more interesting points was when Sanders said, at the end, that he felt the problem was too big for the government not to be involved and that he was proposing the government be involved for a temporary amount of time, to organize and invest and then to back off...

One of the common points throughout the night was that there must be more transparency, more justice.  Black made an interesting point that greed has been around forever, that it's not greed that is the root of the problem but that we've let all regulation lapse.  And that regulation and justice are the ideas behind making greed less profitable than honesty.  That's how it's supposed to work, he said.  Through regulation and efficient and blind justice it would cost too much to cheat thus disabling the seeming Capitalist dilemma.  Black said it was PROVEN that without these aspects, regulation and justice, greed and bad habits will push out everything else and that that's what happened here.

I will be writing more on this - there is so much to write - so much - and we are all going on with our daily lives while our borders are being locked down, while our future ability to fight is being dismantled. 

Not enough people are paying attention.

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