Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The next day

Well the news is "out" in the Free Press...
And what I love about the Free Press, at least on-line, is the comment section of all articles.  I am going out on a limb to say that judging by the comments on the story, I have done a great job.  

The NY Times announced today that the government is U.S. Planning to Reveal Data on Health of Top Banks, the are "planning"...hmmm...what do you think this means?

I think it means that the banks are essentially insolvent, more than was first thought.  It's strange, but these are strange days, that the "U.S." is involved in "revealing" that data anyway?  Aren't there public methods for that?

Why would the government, now, reveal data?  What is different from the data they have already revealed?  Why make the announcement?  Is it a plan to justify a more complete government takeover?  Is it that they (the gov) are struck by a sudden, moral sense of transparency?

As the Zen master says "we'll see".

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