Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Home in the Mountains

I am back.
and I can't turn back
or black
that's a fact - WACK!

And I am experimenting with a love of photography, of the moment, of sequence, of travel, of communication.  It's fun.

I appreciate feedback and am thinking about LIVE BLOGGING other events.  It gave me the idea, along with hearing from others, that if anyone had an event they would like me to live blog I would entertain the idea.  

Currently I am planning on going to Kingston, Jamaica again at the beginning of May for the Jamaica Invitational Track and Field meet. 

There are all sorts of applications and expressions for this media - I am experimenting with SPORT AS ART.  The colors, forms and vibe of the CHAMPS event that I blogged below was perfect for this.  I took photos as much to capture the human excellence and the face of focus but also to stimulate the eye and heart.

The best thing is I have dozens more pics that are better than the ones in the blog.  I will be posting them on Pandora and link shortly.

Until then - enjoy and comment...

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