Monday, March 23, 2009

You can't run away from yourself...

Says Bob Marley...

My participation is as inescapable as sunlight
I am not isolated from anything
except the truth
How do I kill a youth?
How do I stick the knife and twist
and allow the lifeblood to irrigate the dirt and stone
what is my role in the destruction of natural rivers
how do I pollute the waters and the land

To think I am an observer is
the completion of denial
the acceptance of fantasy
and continued
and further blindness
that eventually, if not already,
will lead to complete madness
which is the same thing
losing ones senses

to lose your senses
is to fit
into madness

and it makes perfect sense to me.

If you don't use your senses
you will lose them

there is a catch, however,
and the catch is that senses, like life, like everything
are complete and rely on their completeness to grow and develop.

If you sense, through hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, feeling
you take in information
your senses allow you to experience the information
but it is not window shopping
your senses
consistent action
based on the information they make available to you

If you see death, destruction, murder, pollution, corruption, injustice, poverty
your senses demand action based on what you know of these things
to refuse action
to deny what your senses are percieving
is no different
than leaving the crops in the fields to rot
and as left crops will rot
so surely will your ability to sense
because your sense is not finite
it never was
nor was it ever meant to be
yet if you treat your sense like a movie ticket (which it surely is)
you will only see the movie
and the movie will only be madness

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