Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When warriors become slaves

I can't help but think that we are animals in a cage and that the victories we celebrate are not victories but defeats, that we have been tricked, manipulated...that we have acquiesced, accepted...that together we are creating our own cage, reinforcing it, building it higher with thicker bars and tougher locks.

An example of this is the gay marriage debate now taking place in Vermont and across the country.

Proponents say all people are created equal and must have equality under the law. Opponents say that there is a difference between gay and straight and marriage is between a man and a women.

Where we get lost is within those two opposing ideals. And what we are lost from is the truth of freedom. The truth that there is no body, being or government that has the human right to impose a sanction on the choice to begin with. Where we all lose is when victory is celebrated throught he legislative process because victory (for either group) means that we the people, once again, have acknowleged the right of a group to govern us. We, by celebrating, are bastardizing the very ideal we believe we are fighting for, freedom. And in the process of testifying, debating, making law we further cement the legitimacy of the rulers.

All through the debates about gay marriage I hear people talking of freedom, freedom, freedom and human rights. How is it that freedom or human rights can be granted from one to another? It is fundamentally impossible and when you consider this point it becomes much bigger because once you acknowlege that human rights and freedom are not things to be granted or given you will begin to see that our way of life is one built around one group granting or giving what is not theirs to give.

It is not that a form of governmnet is wrong or that people getting together to decide what is best for them isn't a foundation for society or humanity...it is not that at all. But when we arrive at such a place where one human being must ask permission to make a personal decision with another human being, with their consent and without harm or nuisance to anyone else and when we then celebrate what we call a victory, meaning that The King has granted (or not granted) us the permission we should never have to seek - the bars of our cages become more apparent.

My wish is for people to stop accepting. To find the place that resides in everyone's soul, the human place, the place that existed with the birth of the world and knows nothing of government or laws, or taxes, or force...the place from which we have been cowering for so long and the place which terrifies the King. I wish that people would find that place and stop imagining defeat as victory. No one person may hold that right over another and yet they do. And until enough of us find our humanity and hold it up as the highest ideal we will continue to teach our children how victory is really defeat and how freedom is really oppression.

And that, my friends, is the most terrifying...we are teaching our children that oppression is freedom, we have set our sights so low as to measure our humanity by the granting of rights from one group to another and we have made that process into a celebration. It is the most and biggest abomination we face because no longer is it clear when the warriors become the slaves, when celebrations are really times of mourning, when victory is defeat...and because it seems, on the surface that we are "winning" the truth of it is that whenever we must ask for human rights we are losing.

It is imperative not to get caught in the rhetoric of either side, whether the debate is gay marriage or tax reform. The rhetoric is the distraction. The point is not whether gay people should be allowed to marry...the point is that by asking, requesting, demanding...we, you, us, we have given up a right that was never supposed to be given up. The point is that the right to make a personal decision is a natural, human right, not a right to be granted.

Of course this is not new but that makes it no less vital. If even one person can see bars of the cage who didn't before that is a good thing. It is becoming more apparent as well and more absurd as certain members of society, certain people (and too many) still clammor for recognition from another body or form and still celebrate their recognition as victory.

As long as we continue to seek recognition from without we will seal off our humanity from within. I can see it, especially in the children today who are being taught this soul destroying way from confused and fearful adults and we all can see the effects in world today of a disconnection with our humantiy - do I need to tell you where to look? Do you think the world today is as it is by chance?

It is not.

It is the product of the loss of our humanity of the abdication of our own personal responsibility of our weak and base desires to be taken care of and our victorious descent from, each of us, majesty to slavery.

Human rights can never be granted.
When they seem to be - it is only slavery masked as freedom.
Look around and see where.
It is all around us.
We are at the end.
There is very little, if any, time left to reverse the fortunes because now the facade is so complete, we believe in that fact that victories are victories and we no longer have the ability to see the truth.

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