Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Government, Governement he's our man...if he can't do it, noone can...

What has the government been doing for the past 30 years?

This is a question for all those that think we are moving in the right direction with government "relief" for the "economic crisis".

It's common place now. The "crisis" is front page, lead story stuff...we don't even hear about Iraq or the middle east or Russia or's all economy all the time (and that's a bad thing and what a distraction...but it's also another story). This story is all about people who think the government holds the answers to our problems. The question above is all you need to begin an exploration.

There are a few truths.

The last 30 (or so) years have seen un-precedented growth and wealth creation. Regardless of where we are now and how "real" the wealth was or is, the bottom line is that 5 years ago the growth was real, the money was there, a product of decades of work and momentum and crookery as well. But it was there. And as we look around today at the bruised and battered state of affairs we find ourselves in, with schools crumbling, education not educating, infrastructure decades past due...I cannot help but wonder...

What the hell has everyone been doing for the past 30 years? Why is it now, as everything is crumbling, falling down, that government decides they must be the savior? I tell you that it's not an innocent, altruistic motivation (but that is a different story as well). In Vermont we have a governor who has been elected for a fourth term - that's pushing 12 years...who has been in public "service" for about the same amount of time that it took us to accumulate (and then lose) all the "wealth". What has he been doing all this time? What have all those that have been involved in government for the past three decades been doing? Obviously nothing, at least nothing that would lead to responsible spending. Obviously nothing that would lead to more freedoms, obviously nothing that would lead to stronger and responsible infrastructure. It's like every one's been drunk, the people included. But the irony comes in when you begin to hear the government puppies yelping "crisis, crisis" and purporting to have the answer...the answer being MORE GOVERNMENT involvement?

Why now? Why now? The government has done nothing for decades. The government will say that that is why they need more power, more regulation, more authority, more money. That's the song they sing. But what song were they singing when times were good? When the illusion of wealth and money was high and mighty. Where were they then? And now all you hear from the sickened halls of government is that THEY have the answer, that THEY know the way...and that WE must endure, WE must sacrifice with and for them as THEY lead us out of this abyss.

The irony here is so thick as to spread it like toxic peanut butter, covering all hopes of reason and logic.

Yes! The people played a role. But who was making the decisions? Who was leading the charge? When one looks at growth across the board it is undeniable how large the federal and state governments have become, growing fat in the decades preceding. And now, as private business faces the effects of our collective decisions, the government stays fat. Yes, there are government jobs being cut but it's not the jobs that are the problem it's the reason for the jobs in the first place that is the problem. To cut government jobs is to shave moldy cheese of the block but not touch the center, the heart.

The fact that the government, with a small minority, created so many jobs in the first place is the problem. The fact that, now, the government proposes that IT and only IT has the answers is no different than a child being caught in a lie, except the government now poses as the adult and plays the public as the child.

So what do we have going for us? We are not children. At least I am not a child. I sometimes wonder about you. If you choose to be an adult you have tough choices to make because the bed that we all find ourselves lying in is dirty and infested with bedbugs and falling apart. It is not time to remake the bed in the old cliched term but time to buy a new bed all together or even to redesign the entire bedroom or rethink whether we may want to sleep at all.

One must remove the fear from the equation when considering our current situation and contemplating possible solutions. Fear will not allow a person the necessary space to expand his/her mind outside the scope of what is already known. And what is already known, although valuable in an historic perspective is NOT where the answer will be found. And every single second that is spent on WHAT WE KNOW to solve our problems is a wasted second. Our problem is acknowledging what we know and acting on it instead of ignoring it.

For example - we know that you cannot lift an economy out of debt in any sustainable way by creating money for it because that money must be paid back and because simply issuing money is in direct opposition with the principles of money CREATION. To simply issue money is to make dependant the issuee on the issuer and nothing more. But, alas, we continue on, down the same road, being led by the same people that have always led us.

We are quite for fear and for fear of losing what we suppose is our comfort but when in truth our comfort is found with in, always and without exception and there is much more, as we all know in our secret places, to life than a 401K and a second home. And as long as we are terrified of losing those things we will be held, as we are and the chains will further be tightened and, in fact, it is we who will do the tightening.

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