Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Who are you?

We are like the screaming child who is floundering in the water
who has just been thrown off the dock
and can't swim
our breath being pushed back by liquid
inhaling substance never meant to be inhaled
and choking
and panicking
and floundering
and screaming
as it seems like it is the end
and it certainly must be
and we must be dying...

until we see the child next to us
standing up in the waist deep water
and laughing
paying no attention
to us
and we put our feet down
and touch solid ground
beneath what was sure to be our grave
our end
solid ground

and from death we go
in a second
as soon as we feel that solid ground
beneath us
we sputter
and cough
and then begin to laugh
and then begin to swim


are you the child floundering, sputtering, choking, dying
are you the child standing in waist deep water
occasionally and amusingly aware of commotion next to you
but mostly just enjoying
the day
and the feel of the water
and the ground beneath your feet.

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