Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vermont sons and daughters are going to WAR in Afganistan

The Burlington Free Press is live streaming testimony on the prospect that the Vermont National Guard is on track to be deployed by years end. They are talking about 1800 Vermonters...the most since World War II.

The link is here to hear and watch the testimony.


Are we going to send Vermonters again and again overseas to this thing that lives over there, somewhere? What is the goal? Tell me how the WAR ends? What does the END look like? Do we have an END in mind?

The greatest thing about what is happening in the world now is that things are becoming clear and understandable to many more people...no longer are the problems complicated or based on education or intelligence. Does it get more basic that the question:

Do we send our sons and daughters to fight in a WAR thousands of miles away? A WAR that no one knows the truth about? Well not no one, but not many either.

If you do believe that we send our National Guard...WHY? And how does it end?
If you don't believe that we send our National Guard...What are you going to do about it?

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