Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am everything...

What a night.

And I thought...on my way the moon was sinking beneath the clear mountain silloutte
and as the sun was still far from here
but as the sun
shone without it's presence...

and I thought...
What a funny circumstance that I find myself driving along this road, this route, in this chariot. Motorized - And I sit and look around
being carried
through the bosom of the world
moon lit trees
everything glowing

and I happen to be holding this wheel of this enormouse shell that is rolling me down this road with such little effort of my own...

and what a possibility.
when you think of all the possibilities,
all the infinities
of life -

I find myself
driving down
this moonlit route
in the bosom of the world.

I am everything.
and everything is me.

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