Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dan Kiss For Mayor

Dan Kiss! or Bob Smith!

That's who I want to run for Mayor.

In fact that's who I want to BE Mayor of Burlington - Whaddaya say Burling - Towne? Why not have Co-Mayors, Bi-Mayors (nope, people would get the wrong idea, especially being Burlington and Vermont and all)...

Burlington, Burlington - I, for one, cannot deny the truth of the fact! The Fact that Burlington, as she is today, with all her warts and serious problems - even some cancers, is still an extra - ordinary place. It is not a mistake the City is so great. It is the result; as are the problems we face today.

The bigger problem, as I see it, is not the "Who" but the "How"...in fact a little business knowlege that I have picked up in my years is that it's good for your business to have reliable, simple, systems that allow for growth and management no matter the "Who". Of course with business we are not talking about politics (although look how much politicis talk about business!). My point is I want to have a deeper discussion. A discussion about the role of government, the responsibilities of people, business and the relationship they have with each other. The last thing I want is to have to adjust to someone's personality! WTF! Why should I have to adjust to someone's personality just because they think they want to hold political office?

Isn't it time we kicked personality to the curb for consistency. After all this isn't hollywood, where personality is prized, is it? Or is it? I am sure that, if this piece were to be read, a plenty few would chastise and fret over it at best. It seems very few want to attack real issues that are so directly in front of us every day that when the day comes for us to collectively realize what we have been supporting, all the excuses we have made up along the way to prepare for just such a day will immediately become irrelevant in the face of the scope of damage and corruption we have been a part of. Does anyone else feel like there is a deeper need to talk about what it really means that our bombs kill children?

Just start there...it's a good and obvious jumping off point.

But back to Burling-Towne politics and this Mayoral race...Kurt Wright is wrong - he stands for nothing but consensus and consensus means you never know where he stands. Andy Montroll is quieter than Bob Kiss. Dan Smith needs to back it down. And Mayor Kiss? Mayor Kiss has Burlington in what I think is a pretty good position if what he says is true about our finances and our debt. Note: Being in a good position today is not the same as it was 10 years ago, 3 years ago. So what may "look" bad...may actually be a position we should be thankful for. Time will tell.

In the meantime I'll take Smith's excitement about business and Kiss's better to be seen and not heard approach and quiet connectivity and that's who I am voting for. Do I have time to get him on the ballot? Dan Kiss for Mayor!

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