Monday, January 12, 2009

Why do I have the opportunities that I do?

Why do I get to turn a metal lever 2 inches and receive fresh, clean, cold water?
Why do I get to sleep in a soft bed with warm covers?
Why do I get to drive 20 miles each way to get to work?
Why do I get to twist a dial an 1/8 of an inch to increase the heat in my house?
Why do I get to sit comfortably and contemplate these things while looking out my windows at a scene that is picturesque to me but that would be death to anyone who didn't have what I have?

Is it my hard work? Is it the hours I have spent making relationships and building a business that has gotten me access to these things? Am I special? Am I part of a special section of the human race that deserves more than others?

Why do I have the opportunities that I have?
And what is my responsibility to the question?

How did this life come about?

Yes! You might came about from hard work and drive and dedication and follow through and more hard work and sacrifice. But can I say that others around the globe, others that live in a different world than I don't work hard, don't sacrifice, don't have ideas, don't have follow through?

I don't think it's accurate to say that I have the opportunities that I have because of my hard work, etc...I do not have a monopoly on hard work. I would say that my work is less hard, comparatively, than work of people that don't have the opportunities that I have. For example...I do not have to travel outside my house to get water and I do not have to deal with the possibilities that the water isn't clean or that the river is dry. I imagine the time it must take in some places to simply get a drink of water or to bathe and then I relate the time it takes me to turn the lever on my sink or shower and then I think of all the time I am able to capture because all I have to do to get water, just water, is turn a lever.

Now I apply the same type of thinking to everything else...

I have more "time" for contemplation, more time for relaxation, more time for exploration, more time for indignation, more time for resignation...I have more "time" for everything than my counter part living in Haiti, Jamaica, Africa and just about any other place in the world.

Is it because "I" have worked so hard? Because "I" deserve it? Because "I" am chosen?

I don't think so.

And if not...then why?

Why do I have the opportunities that I have?
And what is my responsibility to that question?

When I begin to look beyond myself at why I am here and why I am able to manifest my ideas more completely in the world there certainly is a recognition that part of it is simply because I take some advantage of my circumstance. I do not lay dormant, at least not all the time. But it is also undeniable that if I had to grow my own food, fetch my own water, read by the light of day, communicate only by talking or writing (no email or Internet), worry about home invasion or worry about a home in wouldn't leave a lot of time for manifesting my ideas.

So what I arrive at is that I find myself in a life where a certain table has already been set by people before me. Certain aspects of life and liberty are pre-supposed. They are a "given". I am working on a different physical plane than most people in the world and that physical plane has been developed by hundreds of thousands of people before me for hundreds of years. Only today do I feel the benefits in my recognition of my responsibility to my life and to the sources of the plane that I exist on.

So if I am not directly the source of "the plane"...what or who is? And what is my responsibility to that source.

In short...To whom am I thankful for the foundations that have been built that now allow me to live the life I live? And what is my responsibility to those that I am thankful to?

One thing is certain. One thing is undeniable.

It is not government that is the source of the freedoms that we live today. Listen to me again...because it can be confusing in it's simplicity...

It is not government that is the source of the freedoms that we live today. In fact I argue that it's government that erodes those freedoms under the facade of trying to provide them.

Like a wolf in sheep's clothing the "government" would like you to believe that it is the provider, it is the foundation, it is the builder. When nothing could be further from the truth.

It is PEOPLE that are responsible for having built the foundation that we all (at least here in the US) enjoy today. It has been people working freely to manifest their ideas, people trading with each other, people driven on by competition, success and failure, probably more so by failure. It is not because we have a planned society that we enjoy our lives today - it is because the only plan was to foster ingenuity, competition and a free market.

Government could never provide the foundation. Just look at current events to shed light on the truth. Look at what "government" has done just in the last few years...taken away freedoms, put more restrictions and regulations on competition, acted as the great leveler making sure there are no people "left out", making sure that it's FAIR. The irony in this is that how can one entity ensure fairness? It can't be done. The only way to ensure fairness is to throw off any yoke of foreign control on individuals and allow the individuals involved to determine what is fair. A singular entity like government cannot do that. Do you understand why? If so, good. If not, think about it, you will get it. And when you get it you will begin to understand how fundamentally wrong the form of government we have is and, in fact, that it's not really government at all but more of a dictatorship of the many over the more.

Every time you turn that lever on your faucet a 1/4 inch, think of the time you are saving, think of where you spend that time and think about who is responsible for providing that foundation for you. It is not the government and when you think about who it will begin to see things differently.

We must stand up. We are attempting to allow someone to control us. We are in violation of the responsibility of our circumstance. We do not give credit where credit must be given and when we do give credit we give it incorrectly. If we continue to choose blindness over sight we will continue to neglect our responsibility in the world and the responsibility of our circumstance and that will lead to a general forgetting of where we have come from and how we arrived. And without that we will be at the whim of whomever it seems can place themselves in a position of offering us something for nothing. We will be in a position much like the one we find ourselves in now, with seemingly less options, and a choice for the lesser of the evils.

Individual freedoms, choice and a free market are the only things that can ensure lasting freedom and that can acknowledge our responsibility and in that acknowledgement it is conclusive that we will ensure the same freedoms for the next in line. But without the understanding of what it means to turn a lever and get water and the acknowledgement of our responsibility to that reality we will be doomed to a life of sheep, simply waiting for the slaughter, which will not be physical death but physical slavery.

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