Saturday, January 10, 2009

What is it II

The arguement that it costs too much to produce power from wind doesn't make any sense.

Who cares

could be a possible retort.

It is not to be judged by a person without direct influence on the production or evaluation of the product or the formula.

It is not to be judged at all
and maybe (jusss mayabee - TN)


The statement misses the entire point of what a defense MIGHT be...
the point is

That statement should NEVER be made.
That statement infers something so wicked and vile

as Yoda says
-and I paraphrase-
"it is either do, or do not"

there is no "it's going to cost to much to do it"!
There is non of that
because the way it should be is
it's either done
it's not done

But to make an arguement about the cost of something
when you are not the one making decisions about the money
is to create a false or a diverted sense of subject
the person who makes this argument
is uninformed in business,
most likely highly involved in social forms of government

but then again -
what do I know!

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