Sunday, January 11, 2009

Water is the sweat of the world
and the seasons fight against eachother for control


The seasons...are.
"fighting!" is my word.

Have you ever wondered if childbearing - at this point in our "evolution"
is actually anti-survival?

Have you ever felt your connection to the earth so fully that it causes spontaneous laughter?

The whirled we were all raised in
the whirled we were taught
the whirled we have created

has little
to do with the world

we are finding this out on a larger scale than ever before
because the curtain has been pulled

but so many
so many
don't want to look.

Some can't look

and troublingly so
young ones don't want to look

It's time to forget the ones that can't look
forget the ones that don't want to look
unless you can convince them to look

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