Monday, January 26, 2009

Wanna know what the REAL CRISES is...

because it's not the bombing. It's not the economy. It's not poverty, war, drugs, murder, starvation.

It's our response to it that's the real crises.

It's that we, you and me and our neighbors, sanction it all.

The only CHANGE that is coming is negative and the people who are going to bring it to us are going to do so by replacing happiness with HOPE.

Joe Biden, our Batman's Robin - said today "We've inherited a real mess", like everyone in the United States, hell everyone in the WORLD including himself, doesn't already know that. No one fucking cares. It's been done.

But non-the-less here he is and this is his response to a reported air strik in Afganistan that reportedly killed 10-15 civilians, mostly kids and women.

"We've inherited a real mess"


These guys are going to "save" us?

Since NOTHING these days and from these guys is ever un-planned - I assume by his words that there is no intention to stop bombing civilians anytime soon.

I expect more of the same, except intensified.

Is there anybody out there...out there...out there...out there...there...there...there...

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