Friday, January 2, 2009


January 2, 2009.

2009 - it feels full of energy.  Not good or bad, or maybe good only because 2008 was so "bad"...but simply full of energy - 2009.  What is to come, what is to come?

Will patriots, true patriots, stand up and together to force the values of awareness and truth back into the public spectrum.  Will there be new resources for media to get the word out?  Will we have more war?  Will food and water become even more comoditized?  Will Barack Obama transcend like the hero he is prophesized to be?

"While the bombs that fall on children don't care which side that their on" - E. Vedder.

I resolve to be more resolved in my quest for truth.  More firm in my upholding of what I know to be true.  More vocal in the face of what I know is ignorant opposition.  I will set a better example myself, than I ever have.  I will reach out to the younger generation with more focus and intensity and acknowledge their role in change.

I will be open to the truth.  I will seek it out even when I think I have already found it; I will continue to ask questions and make public the results I find.  I will be open to the truth and I will uphold it publicly.

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