Friday, January 16, 2009

Our souls as a budget.

The damage has already been done. The people who have been tasked as the guardsmen and women of our civil liberties, of our freedom, of our money have been failing for years, decades or more. The system has changed the people in it and now the system is so clearly broken. Just look at where we are? There are no solutions that are human in scale. We have sucked and sucked and sucked, to paraphrase Daniel Day Lewis in "There will be Blood", "we have drank our children's milkshake".

The irresponsibility and fraudulent beliefs of our "leaders" are dramatically and unceremoniously on display for all to see these days. I didn't even know about half the programs my tax dollars were paying for before seeing them on the front pages in the last few days, lined up to be cut.

Where were the controls by those that held the purse strings. And why don't you stand up and say enough? I can't help but wonder why so many people seem to be going along to get along and why so many choose blindness to the truth.

During the Good Depression (cause this one's gonna be the GREAT one) Vermont said no to Federal money. Vermont said that "they" would do it themselves.

Not today. Today there is so much excessive government - there were 350 jobs cut that didn't even have people, that there is nothing that can be done - other than hoping for money that is printed on paper from a private corporation called the Federal Reserve.

That is how our best and brightest plan on "saving" us!

I am here to reject that notion of being saved. I am here to reject the notion that our State and our Country have been run by the best and the brightest and I state our current situation as the only evidence needed for indictment.

I am here to trumpet the will of the people, the will of each individual for goodness, peace, prosperity and freedom. I am here to say that the people have a better understanding of what is needed than the government. I am here to say that the "government" that we currently abide is not government at all but a collective of personalities all prone to self-interest in positions that demand concern for the greater good.

If there is ever one area where the greater good is to be considered it is in the halls of government.

Our system is broken. Our politicians are not equipped and they never have been equipped for adherence to limited governance. We have a circus like environment where passions for this cause or that cause outweigh constitutional responsibilities. Vermont cannot allow these select few to continue to lead us down the road to subservience to the State. We cannot opt for 10's of millions of fake money because we are terrified of the world we have created. This is akin to feeding the beast that has been destroying us.

I am at a loss because I do not know what the average citizen can do in a case like this, other than to speak out truthfully about what they feel to be. And to speak out loudly and clearly and to not be afraid of the condemnation that will come from the "majority". Keep in mind that the "majority" is much like the bark of the dog, it is a majority in noise level only, not a true Majority. It is also the one most benefiting from the fraud that is currently being perpetrated on us all, the fraud that is our Federal Government and that is shortly becoming our State government.

I am here to say enough. I am here to say that the solution to our problems lies in the freedom of the individual and the expression of that freedom and that any other method is not a solution but another link in the chains that have bound and will continue to bind us. If you are not convinced just wait a minute or two but be aware that if you wait too long, not only will you finally be convinced but it will also be too late to respond.

Imagine an army that is no longer paid by the people, because the people have no more money to pay. Who would that army then be paid by, and who then would control that army?

These are troubling times but times that also bring with them the light of the human spirit and a general awakening of what is right and wrong in each of us.

Our State government spends 4 billion dollars a year! And most of that money comes directly from the people of Vermont. Imagine...imagine...what that money could do if it stayed in it's communities. Who wants Vermont's children to go un-educated, who wants Vermont's poor to survive with no heat? No one that I know. But the government would have you believe that without it, all would be lost.

It's not true.

The people in Washington and more increasingly the people in Montpelier have been at the helm, they have driven us here and we have willingly followed. There are no more rewards, there are no more distractions, we are paying for the excesses of the past and we will continue to; this is cause and effect. The only option we have is to dismantle the system that has become so restrictive and throw out the people who have led us. We need a new vision for today a vision not based on the same model that got us here in the first place. We need local leaders, we need local authority, we need to say NO to fake Federal money. We need to un-subscribe to the future that is being created for us. We need to speak up and continue to speak up, make noise and not accept the status-quo. We need to get in touch with our humanity again and stop mistaking our budgets for our souls.

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