Friday, January 2, 2009

Originate This!

originate this!

From the New Deal and back again.

You have to stop picking sides and look at the big picture.  Stop picking sides.  Stop proclaiming for this person or thing.  Stop proclaiming.  Stop staking out your territory and guarding against it.  Stop Picking Sides.

Look what is going on in the world today.  Take a human breath.  The most important and only thing.  And look around without judgement of what is going on.

We humans.  We people are the greatest of all things.  We create energy with no wires, our gears and engines all flesh and soft.  We think.  We feel.  We choose.  We live.

We are not meant to live like this - apart from each other.  We are communal beings with evolved brains which fantasize on that which is not real.  We are not meant to live like this.
With death and fear and war and staking of claims.  

We are not meant to live only like this.  

There are other ways.

The greatest law of the land is people.
not government.

people come first.
people come first.

So what is a person to do?

What is a person to do in the big old whirled on this big old world?

I play fantasy baseball.
with vigor.
and amused amusement
and pleasure.

I also cower.
at times.
and often.
away from the spotlight or any light

afraid of the attention, just wanting to live my life my way without concern for the regulations and with no desire to injure any souls.  What is this "work" that we do?

Work is noble.  Work is life.  Work as you define it...I define work as choosing responsibility over emotion.  I also define work as good, as youthful, as ... well ... as ... life.

you can sell your work as an exchange of value.

But what we do.  What we do, some of us; we value the "thing" more...we value the "thing" more than the work.  Our greatest value is in attaining the "thing".  We have shattered the psychic connections to the relationships of work and value.

What drives Value?
And what's the deal with internet porn?

Those were the questions sloshing thought my head that night - double fans going - driving more electricity to heat the house than we ever would have used just using electric heat.  Plus we are doing all the work.

the work.

hmmmm...well it's a part of living I enjoy, work.

which means it's the insulation in the house that needs to be worked on.  Which is clarity for me and will be useful.

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