Sunday, January 4, 2009

Only words

insignificance is the greatest gift we could possibly realize.  Maybe then we would stop fighting and proclaiming what it is we think we know.  Maybe then, after realizing our insignificance we would allow ourselves to imagine our bright as light spark that we all have - insignificant in the course of natural history but vital to the understanding of human interaction and vital to joy.  Joy is human.  Joy is not natural - meaning "of nature" - how can it be?  And the question can anything that arises, in human words, and then reflects out from human action, be natural, "of nature"?  Meaning...that you may name Joy as the thing you see when a dog runs for a ball or greets his master or Joy in a dolphins jump or whales breach, joy in cubs playing, joy in penguins sliding into an arctic may ascribe Joy to all those things but Joy is nothing more than a human conceived word with human conceived actions attached and assumptions and misinterpretation.  It is only a word; linked to emotions, each one as different as the person who has it...

and then you may come to the next question ( which I will forget on occasion ), actually, it's more of a statement:  People are not that different, in fact we are hardly different at all.  The only place where we recognize our differences is in our minds...our created future, our imagined circumstance.

A person is his or her own universe.

...and the phone rings...

and it's alex and zach - 

What a nice night


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