Thursday, January 15, 2009

I like it.

Imagine how much you truly PAY in taxes.

My business sends $15,000 per MONTH to the State.
Not to mention another $5k, at least, in additional taxes...
between social security, medicaid and all the other ones.

So $20,000 per month -
$240,000 per year

in taxes.

that doesn't include the taxes being taken from my employees...
say 25% -
another $100k

$340,000 per year
just from my little business.

Not incuding fees and assessments...

but this is about you and how much tax YOU PAY.

well that $15K...that's you.

You are paying that $15k to me, to pay to the government, and we both get to pay to make it happen.

We not only get to pay the government. We get to pay the government to pay the government.

what a deal.

You know, the truth is BUSINESS ...

it isn't the answer either.

but it's closer.

and this insanity with Barack Obama - who is rejoicing?
He has not said one time:

Stop the killing now.
Stop building weapons now.

not even close.

So what change to we really have coming to us?
what change?

the ferocity has not stopped
but increased.

the aggression

continues to elevate.

Look at all the money we are giving them,
lest they take it from us.

I heard a horrible story today...the government is going to start empoying people to collect money from other people...

...thats how!

and the internet is going to be monitored. Monitered? mon - ih - turd.

Comcas-tic! alright.

Why aren't people doing more!

what is to be done?
what is to be done?

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