Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Who knows.

Nectar's was an "idea".

It was an idea about expression. Connection. Taking something great and making it better. Putting your ideas out there into the world, for all to see and decide upon.

It was an idea.

To the music community - at large - and - in general:

If there is to be a life - the greastest quality of that life be expression.

It's my opinion that there are only two ways to conduct business:

1-To conduct an exchange of value where both parties uphold a value of growth.
2-To conduct and exchange where both parties do not uphold a value of growth.

I choose the first way as my ideal - and I struggle for it every day.

I choose to run a "for profit" business because I think the "for profit" business best exemplifies my ideal of a value exchange for growth.

So...That ideal is what is behind most of my business, and, in fact, personal, decisions...

I try my best to remain un-influenced by my emotions because, as I have learned and continue to learn, emotion is not a cause of your plight - but an effect of it. And to react to your emotion is to react to the effect and not the cause and to be in complete opposition of reality.

Emotion is an effect.


Do you have to make money?

That's the question.

Do you believe that the money system is a good way to get around in the world...the whole concept of value exchange? I am not talking about what we currently have...what we currently have is an abomination, as we are seeing. Fair value exchange does not cause what is happening now.

Is it worth it to carry a $100 bill instead of 20 chickens when you are going for dinner and a movie?

A tool to exchange value is good? I hope so. For me it is.

And that is how I have run my business. Or, more accurately, that is how I have been trying to run my business, through a series of value exchanges that promote growth for both parties.

I have wanted nothing but the creation of creation of expression.

But I can tell you now...after just about 6 years...yes, six years!...I am fairly beat.

And yet I remain -at times- the most joyful, even more so than ever, at the prospects of what Nectar's is and means. I think about and express that joy most when I am around people who understand what it means as well.

And at times I feel like I am fighting a losing battle.

The mistakes I have made are fairly legendary - at least the best ones and at least to me - but I make small ones all the time too, indiscriminately - although I am getting better.

I think Nectar's is important to Burlington and to Vermont because of what it represents.

I do not, for the most part - and when I say most part I mean 99% of the time - hang beer signs or neons. I serve what I like - which are products made here in Vermont by people who work for a living. I don't do much print advertising anymore because I am finding it easier and more effective to devote time to other ways although I still find the cornerstone to business is partnership with the achievement of value as the goal. I buy local Turkeys for two reasons, both imperative
1-Because it's is most delicious - Turkey is an indigenous New England fowl.
2-Because I love Vermont and the people that work here and I want to support them, if I can, and so #2 is...because I can. This means that I can actually make it work financially.

That's the rub for those of you that don't understand. Having an idea and trying to make that idea work are two completely different personalities, or at least...they can be.

Nectar's is a place where you can make commerce work. Where you can present value at all turns for people to exchange their value. Nectar's is a source.

So who's up? Who wants to try their hand at it? I ran a contest six years ago called "what would you do?" and I did what I would do.

However someone with an inkling of what music and local connection mean in the world and a few resources could crush all comers. I could (and will at request) go on for days about the potential business models that Nectar's represents and not just the name but the physical location and space itself, so be it.

What's needed is this:
1-A capital investment of at least $300,000
2-An understanding of the local scene - hopefully better than mine
3-A love of the restaurant business and operations

What's possible is this:
Two floors (with possible expansion to adjacent space pending acceptance of revolutionary expansion plan) of meeting, dancing, music, theatre, gym, rehersal, recording, cooking, eating, drinking, watching, participating, creating, communicating...with a loyal and growing fan base - fans of live music and cool vibes...We are a hot spot in a town of hot spots.

We offer something different...we offer motion. We are not a static business. But in fact music is our foundation, music is the medium of choice but not the only medium for expression. We offer growth by virtue of being an incubator for growth. But here's the catch...you have to be able to incubate incubation.

And that's not easy, 'specially when your trying to "run" a business in the whirled we live in today. Those of you that "run" your own businesses will understand what I am talking about about "the whirled we live in today".

So Nectar's is fantastic and it can be anything you want it to be. I always thought that if you kept the live music and especially the local music, the Gravy Fries, The Hot Turkey...I thought as long as it was live and local nothing else would matter and actually it doesn't matter all that much to me, it was important to me and I did it the way I thought best.

I am looking to take a break...I am in discussion currently...let me know if you are interested.


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