Sunday, December 7, 2008

How good has the music been? And how good is it going to get...

It's a great time for music at Nectar's. There is a new and sharper focus on what is important, a re-evaluation of values and why we do what we do, a recognition of shortcoming and opportunities and it's all begun and will continue around some of the best music to fill the rooms at 188 Main Street.

Although we haven't done as much as we have wanted with getting bigger, national acts through upstairs we have had some amazing shows, including Brazilian Girls and just last Wednesday most of Burlington missed out on what was an over-the-top, funkylive vibe with Zach Deputy - that guy spills soul.

And the Lendway album release - outrageous - an example of a complete production. An example of manifesting your dreams into reality, from the ether of your synapses to the vinyl album in your hand. The music, so finely thought out and crafted and original - four guys doing it there way and I got to be a part of it...fuckin a.

And this weekend...Chris Michetti - out of nowhere (for me anyway) - just tore it up and as Eli said in amazement and with full understanding of what he meant - "With no words. No Words!". To me it was a technologically driven crowd, don't know why that word comes to mind, but it was a bunch of people that get things done...and the music was engaging - especially so for guitar driven rock - everyone looked nice, smiles, the place shined, the music was like the electric pulse driving people to drink and talk and smoke and slap hands and feel breasts and waists and skin.

The there was The Brew, last night, soundchecking Steely Dan - and you know the feeling when you here a sound check and you say to yourself - "yup"...this is gonna be good. Been nice if there were more people - but it was still solid and beautiful and musical. The openers, Folk By Association and The Dejas - Both REAL good.

Ohh Yeah - can't forget Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad on Thursday - "TUMPIN' BEEYSSSE"

And the most beautiful girls in Burlington are coming to Nectar's tomorrow - and they can sing, and they will be singing.

And so much more great local music coming up too. It's a shame is so difficult to do. Or maybe it's not.

Either way...the music is great.

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Anonymous said...

That's it!?

188 MAIN
@ Nectar's.

That is the Re-vamp.

How catchy 188 MAIN