Monday, December 22, 2008

You can not solve problems of humanity with solutions of economy

I just got off the mountain - 
feet of snow
high winds
freezing temps
only one lift

lots and lots of fun and perspective.

I had a realization while riding the lift...well not really a "realization" but a clarification of thought...

It's feels difficult to wade through all the information in the world to evaluate it and to come up with a position that is defensible and when I say "denfensible" I mean a position that you, or one, could defend based on data.

I hear so many arguments being made for this case or that case from people who seem to not have a real grasp on what the real issues are or how our "problems" came to be.  Many are simply running on emotion - stating things like "we can't let big companies that employ lots of people fail" or "the government stepped in in the past and helped, we need them to step in again" or "People are going to lose their jobs if the government doesn't bail big employers out" and so on and so on...


And here in and as always lies the true dilema.

It is easy to give in to fear.  I have found that we humans are creatures that, although we don't generally know it, are well suited to address and push through the issues of fear.  We simply don't know it.  And all our lives and the lives before us and before them we have been fed and stuffed ourselves on our own ignorance of our power and potential.  Has it been by design?  Is it just the momentum of greed and comfort that spurs us to ignore our power?  It can be debated but that is not the point.

The point is - we are beings of immense power and joy.  That is a fact that I am sure of.  Whether you believe it or not doesn't influence my belief in the basic truth that all humans are beings of immense power and joy.  And that is where I want to begin this argument.

To wake up one morning and glimpse the human potential in yourself, maybe in an unconscious smile that greats a pure blue sky or the moment when a child looks at you with pure love, maybe laughter at something silly you have said or done or maybe it's forgiveness of yourself.  

Whatever it is and wherever it may be found the power of the human spirit does not come from being caged in.  It doesn't come from rules, it doesn't come from authority, it doesn't come from money, it doesn't come from force.  And this is the basic tenet for which I make my next point.

More rules, more authority, more money, more force will not create more freedom, power or joy.

It seems simple to me that this is the case and I imagine it would seem simple for the reader if one looked at these statements in the abstract, on a computer screen or read from a book.  However and of course the challenge lies in the reality of our lives and not on a computer screen.  But the beauty of the challenges we face today in determining how we are going to move forward as a society lie in the abstract, in the ideal, in the concepts and values above.  And that is where fear comes in...that is where fear becomes the strip miner of our existence...fear razes the fertility or our spirits, destroys our sustenance and tears down all wondrous growth in favor of a single goal - to not be afraid.  To not be afraid is a subjective and un-attainable goal and in no way will any real progress towards a solution be made if the only driving motivation is to not be afraid.  In fact and as we will see, to do things so that you won't be afraid is to encourage the fear and build it up.  The only way to not be to be afraid and to do the thing anyway.

To not be afraid as a solution.

People don't want to be afraid.  They want to be safe.  And the irony of everything that is happening...the bailouts, the corruption, the economy is that our answer, our human answer to these problems is based on our desire to not be afraid.

The equation is simple:  We will get exactly what we pay for.  That is what is happening now...we are tasting the reality of all that we have "purchased" over the last couple decades...and the equation holds true going forward.  If we continue to "purchase" our way out of this problem because we are afraid of the alternative we will be buying the very thing that has put us here in the first place.

What is that "thing"?

That "thing" could be called many names, Authority, Government, Regulation, Manipulation, Force...but make no mistake it is the same thing we have seen in the past and are seeing now and will be ours no matter what we call it.

And so I call for a conversation about all options.  I call for a conversation about the greatness of the human spirit and I call for support of anything that enhances and uncovers that greatness.  I call for an immediate suspension of all things that crush the human spirit, I call for a moratorium on authority and a re-invigoration of leadership.  I call for the absolute denial of any "bailout" option or any other government option that increases government power and thus decreased the potential of the human spirit.  I call on anyone out there to challenge their thoughts and their inherited beliefs and to imagine a world where the human spirited is the first concern and then think of the whirled we live in today...and then think of how far apart they are...and then think of how to bring them closer together...and then take some action based on that belief.

There is no question that during this time and in the near future if we choose to travel a path of human growth, joy, freedom and power we will need less of what we have been fed and gorged ourselves on and more knowledge and awareness of our power and potential.  The only way to accomplish this is to transform the way that we do business, to transform the way we deal with fear.  The only way to make the shift is to first realize it in you and then realize where it comes from.  From that point you can begin to make different choices.

If we choose to continue down the same road we have been travelling - a road of authority, government, force, coercion and incentives based only on the fear of non-incentives - not only will we find it more difficult to know our human spirit and our power but and most importantly our next generations will be even more strip mined to the point where children, soon to be adults, will think they are simply vehicles of the state - put in place for a purpose that is not their own.

This is no small thing.  Every individual who has even a remnant of an understanding of their own power or had even had a glimpse at their own joy - now has a responsibility to that power and joy and that responsibility is to make it real by sharing it with people, by communicating it and by asking question after question when faced with the pseudo-solutions that are being offered.  These solutions do not celebrate the human spirit.  And at a time when all things seem uncertain, it is this writers opinion that we have one, clear way out...

One shining way that requires great courage, great fortitude and great spirit and that way is, with absolute certainty and unwavering passion, to uphold the human spirit and all that supports it and to, with truth and understanding of life as your guide, deny all those ideas that would put more chains around us.

These problems we face today are problems of humanity, not economics.  They cannot be solved economically and until we realize this basic fact and continue to try and buy our way out of our humanity - we will suffer with the same results only with time the effects will get stronger and stronger, as we see today.

These problems are human problems, not economic problems.  Find out what it means to be human and you will find the solutions.  They are there, simple and for all.

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